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12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 2 Mentally Divergent

In 2043. From the info from Cole. In the message of Dr. Riley, scientist can confirm the clue about 12 monkeys. Now they are focus on it, they found that it start in mental institute in 2015.

They send Cole and Ramse to check there. Ramse found the scavenger camp there, he say they should wait. But Cole still wants to goes on.

They found the paint of Monkey on the wall inside, Ramse thought that he may miss. They are attacked by scavenger, they managed to kill them out.

They go back with few documents.

In 2015 Riley ask Aaron to help her, he takes her to her old shop. He wants her to explain to him, instead she wants him to get answer why Goins can kidnapp them from the police. or there is no charge to them.

In 2048, scientist start to found more information about 12 monkeys. It appear at all the world. They can’t sent him back to 1987 to see Goins yet, but instead they will send him to see Jennifer in 2015. She might has connection with the 12 monkeys.

They don’t want him to meet Riley, it might prevent she send the message that start all entire operation.

They are sending him to Philadelphia in 2015, but instead he show up in North Korea camp in 2006. He is captured and going to tortured.

Scientist aware of the problem, they fixed it before he get beaten. He disappear at front of the North Korean Solider.

Finally he get to the mental institute same as Jennifer in 2015, he will kept there to see the progress in 24 hours. He’s now looking for Jennifer.

Riley try to contact Jeremy but has no success, on the news they said that Goins has heart attack. She decided to go out.

Finally he found her, he ask her about them. But she seem crazy to understand what he ask. She talk about monkeys in Goines’s lab, she freed 12 if them.

She manage to get him captured, her doctor report to someone after heard her talk about night room.

Riley goes to see Jeremy at his home, she found him dead. She also meet an old man, he tell her that they kill him because he asked question about them for her.

He threaten her to stop or tell the police, he will kill one she loves. Seem he knows Cole, finally he let her goes. She run off to her home.

Aaron comes to see her, tell her that she is right. There is no record about her arrest, she said also they cover about Goins’s dead. He tell her to explain to him, he show picture of Cole 5 years ago at North Korean base. He show her the address from Cole, she ask him to stop and goes.

Jennifer goes to see Cole while he is locked. He asked her about what happen at the lab. She tell him that she hear the voice since 13th, then she stop it with pill. She goes to work in lab, one day the unknown men comes and ask them question.

They want to know about night room, it’s the secret lab of her father. There is virus there, but she didn’t tell them. That man killed the other and blame on her, that’s why she is here.

Doctor comes to pick him up, he said he will transfer to county. He meet Riley on the way, she comes to pick him up. She tell them that he may be infected, she comes to get him out.

He left with her, he tell her that she should not be here. She doesn’t care, she tell him that Jeremy is dead. She tell him about a lavender man, Cole remember that is the guy Jennifer talk about.

He decided to get her out, on the way they found that man takes Jennifer out. They following them, Cole ask her to stall security while he will takes her.

He found him at underground passage with a gun, Cole doesn’t not know him. Jennifer get a chance to stab on him, but she’s knocked down.

Cole is fighting with his men, his more men comes and take her. They left to her house, he tell her about night room.

After look in her detail, they think that she say there is one scientist that can escape. Cole tell her that now his time is out, he is vanish.

Cole back to his time and explain about night room, and the man with lavender to the scientist. Nothing move further, they know about Riley. After talked a while Cole and Jones understand each other.

In 2015, after that man captured Jennifer give her something to drink. After she did she see something is coming to her.