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Witches of East End Season 1 Episode 5 Electric Avenue

Adam’s dead, Wendy come to ask Ingrid to go to his funeral. But she refuse to goes. At Dash’s house, Freya and his mother is exited about old dress they just found.

Harrison comes to visit Joanah. They are going to court about the crime she didn’t do. At the court Maura suddenly not remember anything any more.

At Freya’s work, she met the other woman who claim that she engaged to Dash also.

Ingrid has talk with Adam at her house. She try to tell him that he’s dead. She also reveal him that she’s witch.

At Freya’s house when she try the dress, Wendy found that it was the dress that Ingrid used it before she died. She removed and burn it. Wendy also tell her that she know that Killian is in love with her.

At court, they drop all charge to Joannha because victim can’t remember anything.

Ingrid found Adam at this funeral, finally he accept. She tell him that she call his spirit here.

Freya goes back to see Killian. She see Elyse, when she try to talk to her she left. Killian tell him that she already dead.

Joananha ask Wendy about her spell, she off. Freya ask Wendy about ghost, she tell her about Elyse. Wendy tell Freya that usally ghost can’t across border until someone open the door.

She realize that Ingrid might open that door, they found Adam and Ingrid is making out. Ingrid confess that she did spell, Wendy tell her that if tonight Adam is not back. He will stuck here forever. She won’t listen to her.

Elyse goes to see Dash, but he can’t see her. Freya come to see Dash, he confess her about Elyse he tell her that he’s not actually love her. Elyse is stun, but she said she just come to see someone else.

While Joannha back home she found Maura is go crazy, they send her to mental ward. Freya is worried about Killian, she ask him what’s wrong happen. He seems didn’t found anything.

Ingrid confess Adam that may be he died because of her spell, and also make him stuck here. Adam tell her that he already know that.

Freya found Elyse that she try to take Killian with him, she failed to stop her. He’s almost dead. He wakeup at hospital.

Freya convince Elyse that she should left before she stuck here forever. Ingrid finally decided to let Adam goes.

Joannah and Wendy goes to help Maura and make her calm. She is happy now.