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12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot.

In year 2043, not much human left and everybody try to survive. 2 men is searching around for item. One of them take the watch from a skeleton and say “See you soon”

Back in year 2013, Dr. Raily is lecture all doctors about how to handle the epidemic. She get a call from her husband during way back home, when she get in car. She is attack by a man in her car. He ask her to drive off otherwise he will stab her.

He tell her that he is not here for her money, he knows a lot of her information. He start to ask her question, he ask where is Leland Frost.

She has no idea what is it, she ask if it a patient ? He cough and really frustate, then he see the police siren. He asked her to pull off, and force her out the car.

He takes her to old building, she asked his name he tell his name is Cole. He said probably they send him back to early, She is really confuse. He tell her that he comes from 2043.

He tell her 4 years from now, human will killed by plague. And Leland Frost is responsible for it. She think he is crazy, he show her watch. He asked her to not to left eye from her watch, he use knife the scratch on watch face.

She see that her watch now get that scratch. But the polices are following them now, he runoff with her. He get shot by police, he tell her that if she believe him 2 years from now at John Adams hotel goes to find him.

Then she see him disappear.

In 2015, Dr. Raily is drinking at the hotel. She is waiting someone, she wait him for a week. She decided  to go back to her room, then she see Cole. He still get that shot.

She takes him to her room, she try to stop his bleed. He is in pain and pass out, he start to remember.

He remember that he was in jail, the woman offer him a choice. She said she is Jones, she wants him to help her change the world.

She takes him to the lab inject him something and send him in the time machine, she said the Dr. Riley is not the target she just one of the puzzle.

He wake up after 3 days, he tried to get up and go. He said he has no time, Riley tried to stop him. She lost her job because the other thinks she’s crazy. She need to ask him the questions, he start to tell her his world.

The world start to sick, in 2017 7 billion is killed. The survivors start to raiding, make a chaos some hide underground. Until group of scientists surface to get some information.

They found project splinter and finish it, they use it to stop the plague before it happen. He comes to her because she were with CDC, she is able to send message but it’s corrupt. But they get name Leland Frost from the message.

And she said his name in message, he said she is the reason that he is on the mission and why he’s here. She tell him that she still doesn’t know who is Leland Frost.

She takes him to Baltimore, she tell him that since that day she is looking for Leland Frost. but no one fit that description. She ask someone to help her, she takes him to Jeremy. He was with NSA before.

He found Leland Goines instead, he’s CEO of big company that make bio weapon for military. Cole wants to know where is him, Jeremy tell them he will be at the party. It has tight security only invited can enter.

Like her ex Senator, she agree it will work. She drive Cole to see him. On the way she ask him what will do when see Leland, he said just kill him.

If it works, he will disappear. She’s not agree with him to go there and kill someone. They are arrived at the party, Aaron her ex see her. He take both of them in party. Now they are looking for Goins, they see him walk in the other room.

Aaron comes to interrupt them while they are following him, while she talk to him Cole manage to get gun from one of the security.

She found Goins is introduce Oliver to other guest, he said he is a genius. She ask him what he does, while they are talking. Cole come in with gun try to kill him.

But the guard comes and knock him down. Both of them captured in custody, while they transfer they are kidnapped by Goins.

They inspect him and found that he’s the high tech sample. They put them together again, she ask him to go back hours ago and get them out of this situation. He said it’s too dangerous, he might me the other of his instance.

Goins come to see him and tell him that he saw him before in 1987, he knows it’s him. He asked what’s he looking for ?

He tell him that he was looking for army of 12 monkeys that end the world. But seem Cole has no idea about it, he ask why he chase after him.

Finally he decided to dissect him, and kill her. Cole ask does he want to see the paradox look like ? He take 2 of her watch together and closer.  Once they are touch, only Cole can move faster than the other.

He take she out while it explode, but Goins is not dead yet. Cole shot him dead, but Riley still see Cole there. Seem he’s not the source.

They are leaving because guard and police are coming. Cole ask her to stay hidden and far for they as far as possible. He will back to tell them about Goins and 12 monkeys.

He back to his time safety, they ask if he failed the mission. He tell them that he killed him, he said there are others.

Cole see 12 monkeys sign in the news cut, he tell them they are army of 12 monkeys. In year 2015, Goins’s assistance goes to see Goins’s daughter tell him about her father dead.

He wants her to continue his father’s work. She is Jennifer and she’s drawing monkey face.