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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 11 Woke Up with a Monster

Elena is abducted by Kai, she woke up and found tied at chair. Kai killed the manager of diner who try to stop him in. He tell Elena that he takes her to practice his magic.

Stefan woke up in morning because some noise in his house, he found Jeremy shirt off. Liv and Jo are practice her magic in house, Alaric come back with breakfast. They said Damon allow them to use house.

Damon goes to stay with Caroline’s mother, he get message from Elena that she’s busy. And nobody found Kai yet, Caroline come and she wants to cure her mother with her blood.

Finally her mother leave hospital and stay home, Caroline wants to get opinion from expert at Duke, Stefan goes with her.

Kai takes Elena to the school, he try to practice magic on her again. This time he melt her day ring, she break her chain and escape.

She has chance to call Damon and tell him about Kai, after she hangup. Kai show up, and use magic break her neck.

Stefan and Caroline goes to student art exhibition, he excuse her and will come to her later. He goes to check Sarah, Enzo show up there.

Caroline meet the expert, after check her mother’s chart. She said her doctor already right, she has the same patient with same symptom. Caroline wants to see him. She see his condition, she wants to try to give her blood. To see that it can cure him.

Elena woke up, and found Kai again. Damon takes Liz to help him to get Elena’s back. But Luke show up and take Liz disappear, he wants to bring her back to coven.

Damon ask Jo to help him, she can do cloak spell but she need to beside him. Alaric doesn’t agree, Jeremy show up to help them kill him. They decided to let Jo help.

Luke tell Liv that she waste time to help Jo, Kai is stronger than her. Liv tell Luke that he is also stronger than her, if they merge she will died not him.

Damon and Jo while cloaking, they meet Kai in there way. Seem it working he doesn’t see them. Damon get Elena out, but Jo is losing her magic. Kai found them, Damon try to attack him but he hide. He hit him with steak, but it hit Elena instead.

Kai found Jo, while he takes her he get shot by Jeremy. Alaric put him in sleep. Elena has feeling back with Damon.

Damon thinks that Jo can’t make it. But Alaric convince that she will.

Stefan finally tell Enzo about Sarah, so he can’t obsess with him anymore. Caroline tell him that she make a test, she show him that the patient that dying can walk and live again.

But Stefan seem not sure, Caroline try to convince him. While Enzo planning something about Sarah. He also tell her about his secret about Sarah, Caroline back home tell her mother about expert opinion. She tell her that she make a test, and she wants to give her blood on her.

Finally she agree, Caroline give her blood. But back at hospital the patient is collapse and bleeding.