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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 10 Christmas through your eyes

At hospital Jo is looking at the accidents come in, while Jo is checking one patient. Her eyes wide and scare, she see Kai is at the back of Jo. Kai kidnap Jo from hospital.

Bonnie try to make Christmas by herself in the prison, Caroline is so happy to see her mother come to celebrate with her. Stefan also show up tell her that her mom ask him to get the light, she said she need extra hand for her big room.

Caroline try to chase him away, but her mother seem sick. Stefan back to help. They found that she has tumor.

Elena spent time with Damon in library try to find way to help Bonnie. Alaric call them to ask about Jo, they found that she is kidnap by Kai.

Tyler try to convince Liv and Luke to help Kai merge with Jo, he thinks once he get her he will not go after them anymore. But Luke thinks that once he become powerful, he will be very danger to anyone.

Liv ask what he exactly wants Tyler say that he wants her magic that she hidden, he goes to find it before but it’s missing. Kai wants Liv to make locate spell.

Now Kai has knife, Jo and Liv with Luke are help him. He try to put magic back to Jo, but it’s not work. Luke is upset for what he does, he leave. Jo tell him that it’s her choice to get it, she will die in another time soon. Kai leave and ask Liv to figure out how to put magic back.

Damon is looking for Liv and Luke, he found Luke in his dorm. He convince him that if Kai get magic, he will kill people more easier.

Enzo go to see Matt, he trick him and knock him down with Jeremy. He tell Jeremy that he wants him suffer.

Liv try to convince Jo to fight back Kai, she will help and get him. Kai show up and absorb her magic now try to kill her, Jo decided to get her magic back.

Damon and Alaric get the place from Luke, they come to help Jo. Damon lure Kai out and attack him. He trick him to the Mystic fall side, Alaric is waiting and capture him with gun.

While he’s killing him, Jo ask him not to. She tell them that if Kai die then Liv and Luke has to merge. Jo said she wants to fight and win him but she need time to stronger. Alaric decided to help her.

Liv goes back to Tyler, while Luke is leaving. He said people is going to die and it’s their fault.

Stefan decided to tell Caroline about her mother. He tell her there is no way to cure her mother even their blood.

Kai found out about Traveler from Damon, he notice that it’s a big spell that cover every inch of town. He start to absorb Traveler magic. Alaric upset because Damon try to kill him, but they decide to keep him alive. Damon found that Kai use the magic, he try to cancel Mystic fall anti-magic spell. Damon found that Kai remove it already, now he can cross the border without dead.

Matt is driving Enzo to Mystic fall, Enzo is dying. But when Matt check him again he’s not. He doesn’t kill Matt yet, he tell him that he jealous of Stefan. He has everything but he throw it out and then still get it.

Damon and Stefan finally back at their home. Elena comes to see Damon at house, but he can’t see her. Kai show up tell her that he put cloak spell on both of them.