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White Collar Season 6 episode 4 All is Fair

Neal and Peter found that Pink panther is disappear, Peter tell him that if they can’t bring them in he might lose his job.

Mozzie meet Neal at the park, he tell him that Pink panther might try to contact him. But he found that actually they didn’t try to reach him but his wife.

He tell him that he married 5 years ago, he met Eva at the party. They both con man, they married and work together. He goes to see her alone, she wants him to divorce.

Mozzy discuss this with Peter, Elizabeth and Neal. He thinks that she tried to con a man. He is the head of charity, Neal agree with him.

Mozzy and Neal go to see the charity, they tell him about her. He invite them to the gala dinner where they can see her.

The guy from charity comes to threaten him about Eva, he ask him to keep out. Mozzy tell Neal that they work together.

At FBI, they run the algorithm and it return that San francisco Airport is the target. While he has chance, he tell Peter about Mozzie. Peter tell him that seem charity, Eva and him is clean.

Neal convince Peter to help Mozzie, they follow them in park. They seem pretty convincing. Mozzie tried to break them, he goes there and tell her that he will sign the divorce paper.

Mozzie tried to prove that Jack is fake, Peter found that Mozzie is right. They found that his wound is look he did to himself. Neal think that he setup story, he thinks that probably they try to steal the art work at gala dinner.

Eva call Mozzie to help her, she’s in trouble. Neal and Peter thinks that they lure him to the trap. They stop him before he goes to her, they tried to convince him but he won’t listen.

He said he will prove to them, he goes to see her. Seem so far she did exactly right what they tell him. At last Mozzie help Eva to escape.

Peter get news from San francisco, Pink panther never show up. Airline company also not accept that they missing something. He need the answer for mobilize his team to San francisco for nothing.

Peter’s team found out that Pink panther is going after federal reserve. When Neal back home he found Woodford waiting him there. He tell him there is a mole.