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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 9 I alone

Alaric goes to take Ascendant from Jo, as Damon compel him. Alaric trick Jo to tell him about its place. He get it and turn to Damon.

Elena tell Jeremy that Bonnie is not dead, they are looking to find the way to get her back.

Liv is try to leave Mystic fall after Damon wants her to do spell for Bonnie, Tyler try to convince her that’s ok.

Sarah wants Matt to help her introduce Stefan to her, he setup them at the diner. Stefan is stun when she tell him that she is his niece.

Damon and Elena ask Liv to cast spell to get Bonnie’s out, she send them to where Bonnie is. They can’t find her anywhere, Elena found some blood in house she’s panic.

Damon page to Kai’s pager and wait, finally Bonnie call back. They tell her the plan how to get her out. She tell them about Kai takes her blood and Ascendant, Damon worried that he may already get out.

Kai is heading to find Jo, he killed his taxi driver. He show up in the diner, where Liv is work. She can’t remember him at all. He tell her that he’s her mad brother, he absorb her magic. She stab him and try to escape. He corner her to upstairs, Tyler show up and put him downstairs.

Jo found out that her ascendant is gone, she ask Alaric about it. He has no idea where is it, she thinks that Damon compel him. He said he’s his friend, she wants he to prove so they go to Mystic fall.

Elena upset after know that Damon compel Alaric to get Ascendant. He tell her that he doing this for Bonnie because she is his friend.

Stefan knows that Sarah is lying about relative, he wants to know why. He doesn’t want Enzo and Matt know, they act to leave. Enzo feel strange about their act, Matt tell him he thinks too much.

Stefan tell Sarah that he knows where real Sarah is, he still takes care her. Now he ask who is she, she sudden leave. She tell her that she ‘s Monique.

She explain him that she knows Sarah, she envy her good life. She wants to find her family instead, but Stefan thinks that may danger Sarah. He compel her to forget about Sarah.

Enzo and Matt show up, they want to know what are they talk about. Stefan refuse, Enzo kill Monique. Matt is so upset.

Elena and Damon found themselves comes back before time, they found that Liv and Tyler are on the other side of Mystic fall border. They tell them that Kai is after Liv, they have no choice.

Kai show up, and ask them about Bonnie. He break the Ascendant, and attack Damon. He burn the Ascendant with his magic, and it caught Elena on fire too. Damon can hit him, and throw him across border.

Elena tell Jeremy that Bonnie can’t make it again, he’s so upset. Matt comes to see him and want him to help to kill Enzo.

Alaric show up at Damon and hit him few times for compelling him, Damon tell Elena that he left note to Bonnie that they will wait her there.. she will not found them and alone.

Tyler found Kai in his house, he tell him that he wants to save Liv’s life.