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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 8 Fade Into You

In 1994, Jo is stabbed by her brother Kai. She try to hide her little brother in room, he found them under the bed.

Kai takes Bonnie to his home town, she still doesn’t know what he is going to do. He takes her to his house, he make him the dinner. She ask him to let her goes and separate from each other. He seems to agree with her.

Caroline and Elena prepare the thanks giving, while Alaric, Damon and Stefan try to get Bonnie back. They are looking for Gemini coven, but they are gone.

Stefan kick the Bear to the empty place, it breaks the barrier and show them the big house. Damon and Stefan can’t enter house, Alaric goes inside alone.

He found some photo of Jo inside the house, while they are talking they meet a guy. He asked about Kai, Damon said he saw him. He tell them he’s his father.

He hide Damon from them and cast spell on him, he wake up in his house. He wants to know that Kai still in prison and did he knows how to escape ?

Damon ask him about Ascendant, he knows but will not give it to him. He said that if Kai out he will merge to Jo, and kill other twin.

Jo meet Liv and Tyler at the thanks giving dinner, she thinks she see her somewhere else. Liam also show up and sorry to Elena for day before, seem Jo switch the evidence and hide from Liam.

Jo found out that Liv and Luke are her sister and brother. They asked how they end up here together, Jo tell them that Bonnie’s gram help them about Kai, their life. They put him away because he try to kill Liv and Luke to be a leader.

Liv is upset about it, she leave the dinner. Jo explained that she upset because in their coven. Twin will merge their power to strong one, the weak one will die.

Alaric asked Jo about her father, she said that if he knows that they want to free Kai. He will try to prevent it. Now he try to kill Jo with cast, so Kai can’t merge with him. Alaric and Stefan found the magic knife now they can see his house again, Jo’s father is cast spell on Damon while he try to stop him.

Stefan come to help Damon, her father cast invisible on himself. They can’t find him anymore. Jo is almost die, Liam tell Elena to call 911. She decided to give her blood to her, and tell Liam the truth. Then she changed her mind, she compel him to forget about them.

Kai tell Bonnie that Jo finally agree to merge with him in eclipse night. She even ask coven to help them, but he found out that Jo trick him. His father use eclipse’s power and send him to prison.

Kai found the place where Jo hide her magic knife. He tell her that he doesn’t need her to cast spell but just her blood. He stab Bonnie with knife.

Stefan goes to see Caroline and try to apologize her again, but she still won’t let him in. Elena goes to see Damon, ask about how he live with Bonnie. She finally asked him to help her to get Bonnie’s back.

Bonnie wake up and found Kai’s pager. Seem he left her there alone.