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White Collar Season 6 episode 2 Return to Sender

Peter try to fix the kitchen sink for Elizabeth, Neal bring coffee for Peter. Peter tell Neal that FBI agree with his term, if he bring down Pink panther they will let him goes.

Neal goes to see Pink panther, there he meet Keller. But he doesn’t expose him, Pink panther give him an assignment. He needs to find Bianca and make she stamp.

Neal tell Peter about Keller, Peter wants to stop this case. Neal convince him that if now he get Keller, they will lost Pink panther. Neal said he will also bring Keller to him.

Neal takes Keller to see Mozzy, he wants to talk to him. Neal ask him what he wants. Keller wants to sure that Neal is clean from FBI, he said he will do this in order to free from them. Keller seems believe and cooperate with him.

Jones brief them about stamps he has to find, one already gone. The other is with Brianca she is going to auction it. But she is very selective her clients, she knows all her clients except one.

They will intercept this man, and replace Neal in meeting with Bianca. Mozzy found that Elizabeth is pregnant, because she doesn’t drink his wine. She tell him not to tell anyone.

Neal found Bianca at the meeting, she asked if he alone. He said yes, she said then no deal. She wants only to deal with his father. Peter goes there and disguise as his father.

Bianca finally invite them, but she won’t tell them location before time come. At the party, Neal tell Peter will swap stamp during auction. but he found that it protect by latest security system.

He think a new plan by set alarm off, and he will grab it. He start a fight with other bidder. Peter distract them while Neal pick it. Bianca found the stamp is gone, she ask security comes and search all guest.

She start with Neal but he’s clean, he tell guest that she should be search too. Security found the stamp case in her purse. Neal get the stamp out.

Jones tell Neal that Keller still in prison, he thinks that someone like him is there instead of him. Mean Pink panther has more power than they estimated. Peter also tell Neal that he can’t let him give stamp to Pink panther because FBI’s protocol.

At night Mozzy tell Neal that he has no time to fake the stamp, he ask Mozzy that how Keller can put his duplicate in cell. Neal thinks that someone is involve.

Neal goes to Pink panther with his stamp, Keller prove that stamp is genuine. Pink panther tell him that he doesn’t expect him to success. but they want to watch the response time of security, how they act, strength and weakness.

He asked Neal about Peter, he tell them that he’s just collaborator. Seem he believe him, Neal tell Keller that he knows that he is working with interpol. They use the chip on his arm. He tell him that if he bring Pink panther down he will free.

Neal tell Peter about Keller, he seem surprise what he did. Peter give him the contract that already signed. He also tell him about Elizabeth’s pregnant.