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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 7 Do you remember the first time

Finally Damon see Elena, he hopes that she will remember him. Elena seem can’t remember good side of him anymore. She close her door.

Damon goes to see Alaric, he said that Elena only remember terrible things he did like turn Caroline, turn Vicky, try to kill Bonnie, kill Lexi, kill Jeremy. Anyway he happy that he alive. Jo come to tell him that she wants him to goes with her to fundraiser of hospital as her date.

Matt, Enzo and Stefan capture Tripp in his cabin. They wants to know who he works with. After Stefan hit him, Tripp said that his colleague are after Caroline.

Caroline ask Elena about Damon, she tell her that she doesn’t remember anything. She also happy about her life for now. Liam come to see Elena about girl she help in Corn maze night. He said seem she doesn’t even remember that she is there.

He wants to check that she is human, and Elena need to help him. He will goes to fundraiser of hospital tonight with Elena too as Jo asked.

Once Bonnie awake, Kai try to fixed the relic. He threaten her to cast spell and get him out. She get chance stab him to dead again and run out.

Stefan goes to see Caroline after he heard Tripp. He tell her about Tripp’s men, she said thanks but she doesn’t need his help. Her mom call her to tell her that she is abducted by Tripp’s men. They will killed her if they don’t return Tripp.

Caroline call Enzo to ask that Tripp still alive or not, fortunately he still alive. He try to convince Matt that he’s on wrong side. Enzo tell him that his men capture Caroline’s mother. He said send Matt to make an exchange near the border.

Bonnie run away from Kai to the hospital, she try to cure herself and fixed the relic. At the party, Liv show Tyler how to pour the champagne. He try to repay her.

Damon follow Jo and Alaric to the party, he found that Elena come with Liam. He try to play them.

Caroline and Stefan meet Enzo, while she release him. Enzo tell Stefan that Caroline has feeling with him. She said she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

Damon try to make Elena remember that they used to have dance in the party before. He tell her that he will never erase memory about her.

Luke come to tell Liv that their coven ask them to return.

Bonnie almost success fixed relic, she found out that Kai is back. Seem he has the last piece of relic, she take him down again and escape. While she get in the car, Kai caught her.

Elena tell Damon that she wants her memory back, she doesn’t want to have memory missing. To do that she suggest that he should takes her to there last place, she might remember.

Kai try to trick Bonnie, he said that he wants to have family back. Now it’s time, Bonnie start the spell. Then suddenly it’s stop, she said she lost her magic. She tell him that she put her magic in somewhere safe. Now they will stuck there forever.

Stefan, Caroline take Tripp to exchange with Caroline’s mother. Once Tripp cross the border, his neck is cut. Stefan tell Matt that probably it’s Enzo turn him to vampire before they got there.

Damon take Elena to last place they were together, he explain her that moment. He try to tell their story about them. But it’s not work, she doesn’t remember anything. She suddenly cross the border, then she remember everything about them. Damon get her back and say her that this is not worth to risk her life.

At hospital Caroline try to put her mother to check up, Stefan ask her why and how she has feeling for him. she said because he is her best friend, but she still hate him.

Damon decided to let Elena goes, he tell her she is better without him. He love her enough to let her go and happy.

Alaric goes with Jo at her room, he see her scar. She tell him that she get it after escape from her brother. Try to kill her, look likes she is sister of Kai.

Liam comes to see Elena tell her what he found, the girl she help has not even a wound. Along with Damon, he thinks she is liar.

Damon wander around until the spot he and Elena spent together. He thinking about night they were. He’s now at the crypt he back, He found the bear doll that Bonnie send it.