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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 11¬†Bart’s New Friend

At Homer’s workplace, one of his colleague friend is retire. He usually cover work for him. Now Homer try to do his job himself, he works so hard.

Marge ask him to the circus to relax, he doesn’t feel good. They¬†found the psychic, he ask him to hypnotize make him to 10 years old boy. But seem he is criminal and he’s on run.

They take him to doctor, he said he need the one who did to undo him. Marge put him to sleep with Bart, all night he can’t sleep.

At morning Homer wants to go to school, at first Marge doesn’t agree. Until she see chaos, she send him school.

Homer and Bart are very close friend now, days later Bart found out that police can capture hypnotist. He will come to turn Homer back.