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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 6 The more you ignore me, the closer I get

Tripp takes Ivy and other vampires back to Mystic fall, she beg him to let her goes. He ignore her, once they enter the town they all become dead.

Caroline tell Elena that Damon is back, he tell Stefan that Bonnie sacrifice herself to get him back. Now he wants to see Elena, but she doesn’t want to see him.

She try to avoid him by going to work at hospital, Alaric ask her to check why Jo is on vervain. Jeremy is rush out to see Damon to ask about Bonnie.

Matt visit Enzo at the prison, he ask Matt to let him goes. He said may be Stefan turn him here for a reason.

Tripp is back and upset because the place Enzo tell him, nobody there. He tell him if he doesn’t tell him soon, he will takes him to Mystic Fall.

Matt tell about Enzo to Caroline and Alaric, they plan to get him out before he tell their name. They wonder how he end up capture, Stefan back and tell them that he turn him.

Damon goes to see Elena at her room, she doesn’t want to see him. He try to convinced her. He open the door but she jump out the window.

Sarah found Matt look around at Tripp’s office, she wants to ask him about vampires in town. Matt ask her to look at animal attack file. They found the locked drawer and they found Ivy’s phone. Matt tell Caroline that her name is on the top of her phone list.

Damon goes to see Alaric, he wants him to uncompel Elena. But Alaric wants to wait until she is ready.

Caroline wants Stefan to help her get Enzo out because it’s his responsible. Once they are at the his prison. He’s not there.

Jo tell Elena that she knows what Alaric and she is. So they should be careful. Elena ask her how she knows, then she realize that she is a witch.

Jeremy comes to ask Damon about Bonnie, why she’s not here too. Damon lie to him that he’s not with Bonnie, he thinks she is in peace.

Elena call Damon, she wants to see him face to face to solve the problem. While Damon is leaving, he meet Tripp. He try to shot him with poison, it miss. While he wants to ask who is him, he is shot by Tripp’s colleague.

Elena goes to see Damon, but she found only his phone. She is panic and call Alaric to help, Jo wants to talk to him about them. Alaric ask her to stay away from him.

Tripp found Enzo chain in the Tripp’s van. They are going to Mystic fall, Elena and Caroline are waiting them at Mystic fall entry. They are waiting Tripp, Elena tell Caroline that she wants to has her memory back.

Elaric and Stefan are at the other entry also block road with their car. Alaric asked Stefan to hide, after he can’t convince Tripp to get down. He try to break in car, Tripp shot him with dart. And run the car to Mystic Fall, their car is hit blocked car and crash. Alaric, Damon and Enzo are in Mystic fall. They are dying, Stefan decided to go inside to help.

Jo comes to help Alaric, while Stefan try to get Enzo and Damon out the car. She try to stop his bleeding, she success now he’s not died. She will takes him to hospital.

Caroline explain Elena about Alaric, that now he’s not dead. So he’s not a vampire anymore.

Matt takes Sarah to Damon and Stefan house, tell her about them. He tell her that they are vampires so if she look for family they are not.

Elena call Alaric to congratulate him that he’s alive, and don’t worry about her memory. Jo tell Alaric that she will move him to better hospital.

Stefan convince Damon to see Elena again, he tried to apologize Caroline. But she said she doesn’t want to be a friend with him anymore.

Damon goes to see Elena again, they face each other.