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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 10 a man who come to be a dinner

Simpsons family go to amusement park, they visit the rail for kid, pirate of the Caribbean, eat some thing at food center.

They are there for 6 hours, they are getting bored. Bart notice that new machine, Homer decided to take it. They get it and it start to take off.

Actually it’s the UFO, they kidnap by Kang. They take them to their planet, they show them around their planet. They tell them that they will not leave this planet.

They put them in zoo, and let people come to see them. One night one of the doctor come to see them and tell them that they are going to be on rutal, that need to eat one of them. They have to decided which one.

Marge ask them to vote, all of them vote for Homer. Next day they lead him to sacrifice place. During the sacrifice before he get eat, he is teleported by resistance group.

They show him their secret base, they offer him to back home alone. Homer refused and wants to go back to safe his family.

He go to stop them to eat his family, but he also captured and going to be eaten. Their queen start her first bite, after she eat she knock down. Their doctor found out that they contain of toxic can’t eat.

They send them back to earth.