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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 5 The world has turned and left me here

Tripp call Stefan to thank him again for give Enzo to him, he will get Enzo tell everything to him. Stefan found Ivy in kitchen, she tell him that he kill his boss and bury him in wood. She really upset because she thinks it’s his false that she turned to vampire.

She attack him, Stefan stop her by break her neck. Next day he takes Ivy to see Carroline at her room. He wants her to takes her while he goes to get the ring from Luke.

She remind him that there is hunter around here, he tell her that Tripp is not near by for now.

There is going to be a Corn field maze tonight, there is a myth that there is a woman in white running across the field escape from her husband. Elena ask her boyfriend out.

Kai, Damon and Bonnie are ready in the spot for eclipse. He asked Damon to dig the tunnel, so when they cast spell. Everyone in the circle will go home.

Ivy sneak out Carroline’s room by break her neck, she wants to go to party. Elena and her boyfriend is there at the party, She also invite Dr. Laughlin for Alaric.

Carroline call Stefan and tell him that Ivy is gone missing, Stefan goes to see Alaric to ask him to compel Ivy so he can get new start. He is upset about his act he refused.

Ivy found a man and bite him, she didn’t compel him to forget and let he run away. Kai is back, Bonnie doesn’t believe that he can kill her. She dare him to try, Bonnie seem confidence that Kai doesn’t know spell.

So they don’t need him, she kill him. At the maze, Alaric finally show up at Dr. Laughlin.

Tyler is driving the car to the party, on his way he hit the guy that Ivy bite. He lost his control and the car is direct at Alaric and Dr. Laughlin. Tyler found that guy is badly injured.

Elena and his boyfriend found a girl is badly injured too, she almost die. Elena make a chance and give her blood to her, then she compel her to forget and go to help the other.

Tyler call Elena to help, he said that if he died he will become werewolf again. Elena tell her that there are injured people everywhere.

Stefan and Carroline found the spot that Ivy bite the guy, she ask him why he just arrive. He simply say that he was leaving, she snap. She tell him to leave, he leaves.

Ivy call Carroline and sorry for what she did. She goes to see her.

Bonnie try to figure out how to get out, she found that only her can get them out. She going to cast the spell under tunnel, Kai is back and shot her. Damon fight back and get relic away. But Bonnie is injured badly, she throw away Kai. Then send Damon back.

Tyler found Liv, he tell her that if he died then he’s in trouble. They call Dr. Laughlin, she said it’s too late for him. Liv decided to kill him instead, so she can help Tyler.

Finally ambulance come, seem everyone are safe. Dr.Laughlin confess to him that she love him, he compel her to leave him.

Ivy while waiting Caroline, she meet Tripp. He abduct her and Caroline see that. Tyler goes to see Liv, he thanks her to saving him.

Stefan leave town and goes to his family crypt, he confess himself that he miss his brother. He found Damon stand there, he’s back.