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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 8 covercraft

Moe found that his neighbor music store dump his garbage in his dump again, they start to fight. Both of them are cached by police.

Lisa and Homer want to go to music store, but it’s closed. They have no choice but go to big shop at department store instead.

They found the big shop with a lot of instrument inside, the salesman convinced him to buy the guitar.

He finally buy the base guitar set, his practice really frustrate Marge. One night she meet with other wife and complaint about this, seem she is not the only one. She suggest that why all their husband don’t play together.

Homer and husband make a practice together and seem it goes out well. Homer name his band covercraft.

They start their first appear at the festival, but his singer start to freak out. Homer calm he down and get on the stage.

Seem their performance is good, everyone love it. Next day sungazer rock start band come to take their singer with them.

Seem sungazer is back to success, Homer is jealous with the singer. He wants to make his band famous than them. But still not success.

Day later he get invite to the show with backstage pass, he plan to sabotage the show. But he found out that singer is not that nice, Homer plan to poison the other. That night Homer’s band is up on stage.