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The Originals Season 2 Episode 9 The Map of Moments

In 1914, Kol is searching a paragon diamond in a decease woman mansion. Outside Klaus and Marcel are waiting for him. He has no choice but hand over his diamond.

Elijah wake up he is a bit upset because Rebecca make him unconscious before bring him here. Klaus and Hayley come to see their daughter.

Marcel upset at Kol and wants him to fix Camille ASAP before Ester jump someone into her. Kol tell her that he need the bigger paragon diamond, Davina suggest that they should steal it.

He is looking for that diamond since in the past, he wants to complete the spell on dagger so he can use it on Klaus.

Mikael found Ester at the wood, she provoke him to angry so he can clam down. Finally he agreed to work with her.

Klaus tell Rebecca and Elijah about Dhalia and Freya, Rebecca is going to make a bon fire. It’s their tradition of their family.

Camille try to talk to Finn for stop Ester to use her body, but Marcel doesn’t not agree. She argue that even hopeless she should try, she also ask him to leave so she can convince him. He tell her that his plan is to get rid all vampires.

Elijah tell Rebecca that he is willing to take Ester’s offer. Rebecca decided to accept Ester’s deal. She tell them that she will take her down with her. They argue that what’s she has no control, she will lost her body.

They agree with her plan with Kol plan they may be success it. Klaus takes Rebecca back, but he asked for his diamond back.

Hayley explain Elijah about her married, she said it will help her to safe her wolves. He is in shock,  then he tell her to marry Jackson. It’s only way that she can safe her people. They stare each other for a while then make out.

Kol ask Marcel to handle white steak so he can give it to Ester, he said he will used it to gain trust from Ester. Then he can snoop around and take her hourglass.

Kol go back to Ester, Ester said she wants to help Finn from Klaus. She said she need Rebecca, then Rebecca show up at her face.

Rebecca tell Ester that she’s in. Ester start her spell, with white stake. Rebecca is panic why it’s there. She tell them that after she jump body, she will destroy vampires body. She’s now afraid and wants to stop the spell, but it’s too late.

She try to convince Rebecca that it’s fine to dump old body, Klaus show up and her to stop spell. He said do on him instead, but Ester said that once Finn and Kol gone. She found Mikael and deal with him.

She will give him to Mikael, Kol watch her hourglass carefully. He tell Klaus now, Klaus kill Ester. At Davina and Marcel side, they are waiting same moment, she start to cast.

Camille, Rebecca are starting their body jump. Both of them pass out, they are not sure that Davina’s spell works?

Marcel found that Finn is missing, Klaus thinks it’s Mikael. Camille wake up and still be her, but not Rebecca she still unconscious.

Seem because Kol try to revenge Rebecca for what she done to him before, he jump her body to another witch that Klaus lock up her long times ago, he tell Davina that once Klaus busy on Rebecca. They can finish what they start.

Klaus go to see Ester, she is changing to vampire. When Rebecca met her she sneak put her blood in her system, so when she died with vampire blood. She wake up in transition mode, she can choose to die or be a vampire. But then she can’t be a witch.

Kol return Klaus the white stake as his promise, Rebecca wake up in the witch body she is lock inside the mansion.