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The Originals Season 2 Episode 8 The Brothers That Care Forgot

Klaus try to convinced his brothers Kol and Finn to join him to against Ester, Finn asked about Rebecca where is she, he doesn’t sure he should loyalty to him like her.

Kol tell them that Ester is looking for Rebecca since the day she return, she will find her. Elijah is so upset and bite Kol.

Rebecca call them that Ester seem found her, she doesn’t want Hayley know too. For now they are safe, they are escape. He wants to convinced them to turn to them, so they can fight Ester.

Jackson ask Aiden to set wolf meeting, so they can plan how to get them back. But he tell Hayley that he give up how to make wolf together again.

Davina tell Marcel and Joshua that she sorry for trust Kol, now she lost the white steak. Marcel tell her that he give the stake to Klaus, and Klaus also has Kol. She worry that Klaus will kill Kol, he convinced her that he should not.

Marcel also come to see them, he is upset at Kol because he first mess up with Davina and now he tried to drag Rebecca into this.  He torture Kol to know what’s he up to.

Jackson and Hayley found that if Alpha marryied and perform the ceremony. The special power from alpha and couple will send to everyone that in the ceremony. But it has to be real and honor otherwise it will not works.

Hayley go to talk to Camiile about this, she still fill that she still in love with Elijah. Hayley found that Camille has marks at her back.

Klaus stop Marcel from kill Kol, he try to convinced him to turn to him. He’s back to Finn, he tell Klaus about Dhalia and Ester. Ester wants so much to have a baby, she asked Dhalia to help her. But In exchange Dhalia wants 1st born child of every generation. If someone try to protect them, she will come to them all.

Elijah goes to see Rebecca and his niece at diner, he tell her about Ester’s offer. He tell her that she will make them all mortal, so they can live and has their own family.

Rebecca notice something strange with Elijah, she excuse to change the diaper at the kitchen. She found lot of dead body

Davina back to Kol’s secret room, she cast and make something then drink it. She goes to see Klaus, she break Marcel’s neck while he try to stop her. Davina provoke Klaus to bite her, once he drink her. He’s at her trap, he’s down.

She found that Kol is free, Marcel tell her that now he agree to against Ester. Davina argue that Ester is not a problem, Camille show up and tell them that Ester did something to her back.

Kol tell them that Ester prepare Camille for someone to jump in. She’s very upset and go to slap Finn, ask why her. He said that she prepare her for Rebecca.

They convinced Davina that they need Klaus to up against Ester, she has no choice then cure him.

At wolf meeting, Hayley show the wolf that she can turn and change whenever she likes without use magic ring, if they want the same then listen to them.

Haley explain them that if she and Jackson marry, all people in ceremony will be able to do like her. She ask them to choose.

Rebecca take a chance and break Elijah’s neck, she called Klaus to ask what she should do next. He tell her to go to their secret place.

Klaus lost his patient, now he lock Finn in the coffin. Hayley come to ask Klaus about Elijah, he tell her she can tell him on the way to see their daughter.