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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 6 Simpsorama

Skinner is showing students the time capsule, he wants each student to put their. They bury it in the yard, and wish 1000 years later someone will open it.

At night there is a huge storm come, it makes a lot of surge in city. There is something fall down at front of Homer’s house.

During the sleep Marge heard the noise downstairs, Homer and Bart go to check. They found a robot, it is going to drink his beer, he stop him.

He said he is a robot come from the future, Homer takes him to Moe and have a drink. Takes him to bowling, he also takes him to home.

Lisa takes him to nerd, he said that he doesn’t remember why he’s here. nerd check his instruction guide, and fixed him by unplug and plug him again. Now he’s remember that he’s here to kill Homer.

Bender can’t do it, he receive the call from future. seem they need him died because in future there is a monster that has his DNA. They are multiply and attacking the city.

As he can’t kill him, the other come from future to do it. Finally they decided to work together and find the way. They found that the monster has 2 DNA one from homer and the other.

They found the other person is Marge, they think they need to kill one of their children that evolve to the monster.

They get the new info from future, seem now the monster is transform to something like Bart. They wonder how Bart can be source of monster.

Bart explain that probably because things they put in time capsule in the radio active pool ? They decided to go to dig it out and destroy it.

But before they get it out, monster destroy the generator of time machine. It make they all throw back to future.

Now they have a problem, they have to fixed the transformer so time machine can work. Marge tell them that Homer can fix it.

While everyone is give up to fight, Lisa encourage them. They said then first they have to round up the monster so they can shoot them out.

Lisa said she knows how to manipulate Bart, they finally round them out in building. The ship take it and throw them in space.

They fixed the generator and time machine is working, now they back to the present.