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The Originals Season 2 Episode 7 Chasing the Devil’s Tail

Elijah still not wake up and he has a nightmare with his evil, Klaus try to enter his head to wake him but he failed. He warn her not go after his mother, she promise. He leave to find something to help him.

She thinks she will go after thing she love instead, she is at Marcel place. She takes Aiden to see him, she plan to kill Finn. Hayley doesn’t like to get Camille involve, Klaus will not happy. Camille is has a session with Finn again, she trick him to go out with her.

Davina and Kol is hiding, he convinced her that she need him to take down Klaus. Ester try to call Kol home, but Finn come. She tell him that she need Camille, he said he can bring her easier. Kol is back, he tell Ester that he will handler Davina.

Ansel is following Klaus to the wood, he is upset and doesn’t want him to follow. He is looking for ingredient to help Elijah, but he found that it surround with wolfbane.

Camille show them the dark object that can contain witch, so they can’t use their magic. They plan to captured and kill him at meeting.

Kol meet Davina and asked her blood, he explained to her that he need her blood to open Marrie witch’s tomb. Only her blood can open her tomb, he show her that he has item that can do magic without use it. They agree to put Klaus in the box, so her friend will be safe.

Camille meet him at Jazz club, she excuse to take a phone and leave. He following her outside, she stage him that she’s bit by vampire. Kol found she has a blood, while he turn away, Camille is missing.

Ansel tell Klaus that if he become wolf he will feel free, he also knows that his daughter still alive. He said he wants to help him protect her, but Klaus know that Ester will use him to get her. He decided to kill him.

Seem Finn fell in her trick, he will use locator spell and come to the church alone. He meet Aiden, he tell him that Camille is taken by wolf that upset of Olivier’s dead. Finn doesn’t buy it, he kill him and throw him in the church.

He knock down Joshua, and try to kill Hayley. But Jackson come and shot him. While he’s not aware, Camille chain him.

Kol is show Davina how to use kemiya to create the thing from old thing, they cast spell together, they become close.

Klaus get the ingredient, he can enter his head and help him wake up. He tell him only both of them that can control their devil inside.

Elijah finally wake up, Klaus tell him about his real father. He tell him that he killed him, he bring his body to Ester. Davina found that Kol steal the while stake, Ester go to see Camille and take her.

Marcel and Hayley tell Klaus and Elijah that they have gift for them, they found Finn and Kol are captured.