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The Originals Season 2 Episode 6 Wheel Inside the Wheel

A young Ester looking help from sister Dhalia, she wants to have a baby. Sister tell her that she need to sacrifice.

At grave, Finn is going to execute Olivier for his traitor. Ester still tortured Elijah to make he surrender.

Klaus try to interrogate the other witch about Elijah place, but he’s not success. Hayley wants to go with him, but he doesn’t want because she will distract him.

She instead go to Marcel and Gia instead, she wants to find Olivier and hope that he will knows where is Elijah.

Klaus take out Ester’s coffin and going to burn it, the he see Elijah walk in to the old house. He found that he’s illusion Ester created, she show up. She try to convince him the same for Elijah.

Klaus instead ask she to give Elijah back, he tell her also that Mikael is return too and try to kill him. He also tell her that she can ask to Kol. She asked him to work together with her to fight him. If he accept her offer she will takes care Mikael.

She said also she will tell him about his real father, she tell her that after Mikael lost Freya his daughter she has this affair. Klaus asked why his father is not accept him, she said because she forbid him otherwise Mikael will has a rage on them.

She try to convinced him to agree to be mortal and has his own family, Klaus has a dream that he found his father dead. She tell him that he can go now to free Elijah, once he wake up he will make his choice.

Camile find out from Marcel that her advisor is Finn, She also wants to help Klaus to fight the other.

Hayley go to see Jackson, she wants him to help to get Olivier out. He seem doesn’t care, she left with Ansel instead. They found Olivier and try to get him, but wolves are aware. They are attack them, he doesn’t want her to kill them he asked them to leave.

Hayley found Aiden, he doesn’t want to let her goes. Olivier convince him that wolves should not kill each other.

Camile, Marcel and Gia plan by use her to distract Finn. While they are waiting they get caught by other wolf. He ask her to run, while he try to stop the wolf. Gia is back to help him, they finally kill him.

Klaus come to the grave, he heard wolves are fighting. He found his father Ansel there, he doesn’t believe that he’s real. He doesn’t want to accept him.

Ester tell Klaus that she plan to execute a wolf to lure him here so he and Klaus can see each other. But he still so angry to her because she try to kill his daughter, he almost kill her.

Young Ester try to stop sister to take Freya, sister want her daughter to stop the plague. She asked her to tell anyone that she died, she also said that she and her generation will sacrifice each 1st born until her generation are done.

Finn found Ester injured, they said that if they didn’t kill his child. Dhalia will return and take them all.

Hayley and Olivier are safety back to Jackson, he try to convince him to be an alpha. Olivier then died because of witch spell.