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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 4 Treehouse of Horror XXV

School is hell:

Today Bart is at detention room with Simone again, because the prank he did. Like he changed sand box to cement box, rumor about naked lunch lady. As seem he doesn’t get, Simone decided to lock him in the room.

After a long bore waiting, He found a desk with some wield character on it. When he touch it blew fire. He ask Lisa to try it, she thinks it’s ancient character and she has apps to translate it.

Once they translated it and say it loud, there is hand in fire come out. And grab them to the desk. It sending them to Hell, they are in school in Hell.

They met some devil students, they are look like to their friend. Lisa can make friends, Bart is thrown in the class, seem his evil idea is good there. His teacher love it.

After class out, Lisa wait to tell Bart that she found the way back. They are back home, Bart tell their parent that he wants to change school.

Homer and Mart bring he to there and change his school, seem he does so great in any subject.

At the last exam, Teacher ask him to torture Homer. He first doesn’t want to do then Homer tell him that he should do so he will graduate from school.

A clockwork yellow:

Homer, Moe, Carl and Lenny are in the gang. His gang is a bad ass group, they make the problem in town. Until one day Homer found Marge, they fall in love, marry and leave the gang.

After that Carl and Lenny don’t need Moe anymore, Moe go to be bartender. Long later that one day, Moe is attacked by kids’s gang same like he used to be.

He go to see Homer and tell him about them, Homer decided to back in gang. He and Moe start his gang activity by jay walk. He found Carl and Lenny, they back and join  the gang again.

The gang first activity is make home invasion, they choose .. But his home is full of people, they start to fight and get beaten.

The other:

At morning Homer found the blood letter on the mirror, Marge tell him that she found milkshakes in kitchen, Lisa tell him that TV shows only same story. He can’t event close it. Then they heard the sound that this is their house.

Homer decided to use car’s bible to cast them out, they found another dead Simpsons’s family. Homer is flirt when the dead Marge, Marge is upset and kill herself so she can be with him. Dead Homer kill him with toast, Bart and Lisa also decided to suicide to not left alone.

Now they are all dead and live together, at the end other Simpsons version are here.