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The Originals Season 2 Episode 5 Red Door

Elijah is captured by Ester, he has a dream that he cover with red blood. He’s following a girl and bite her, then he awakes. Ester try to get in his head, She said she wants him to back in family as witch not vampire.

She cast spell and make him remember his first love while he is human, she’s a doppelganger Tatia. They are in love, Elijah said that she kill her for spell to the wolf.

Kol try to provoke Klaus, Camille try to avoid that by get him out. He hands over her the while stake, and ask her to get the car so they can take Davina to hospital.

Unfortunately Mikael is wake up and get her, Klaus try to find Elijah but he can’t. He rush out to find Mikael. He takes her as hostage, he wants to use her to weak Klaus.

Finn ask Kol about Davina, he need to know that how Davina’s spell to disconnected Klaus and other vampire in progress. Ester want his stay connected, so he has to kill her spell or has to kill her.

Kol checked around while she still unconscious, he found how she will does her spell. Davina wake up, Kol tell her that Mikael is leave with stake. She try to call him but it’s not work.

Hayley and Marcel found that Olivier and Elijah are missing, they are look for them. Ester continue use spell on Elijah, he now remember the first time Klaus turn and kill people. Klaus aware that Mikael is not his father. But that time Tatia see them and body, Elijah said he already compelled her to forget.

He now remember that day he chase after her, she fell and bleed out. He can’t control his hungry much, he killed her. Ester also need her blood to suppress the wolf in Klaus, but when he bring her she already dead. Ester did delete his memory, so he won’t suffer.

Klaus found the trace of Mikael in wood, he following him to the camp of human. He compelled them to talk to him.

Kol is helping Davina to complete her spell to break connection between Klaus and other vampire.

Mikael takes Camille to abandon house, she tell him that she told Klaus that he should have something good left. But she feel that he has only hate. Mikael told her that at first he really love him, until he found he’s not his son.

Klaus make his youngest child died too, Camille say that it’s an accident. He said that Klaus kill his wife, who try to help him. Turn all family against him, Camille tell him that what he does is pointless.

He is upset and now he bite her, Haley call Klaus to help her find Elijah. He said he’s busy to kill Mikael, now he decided to kill Mikael.

Davina found out that Kol is keep prevent her from do magic, and he is’ the one who release Mikael.

Ester propose him and Hayley the new body, so they can live again as human and has a new child.

Klaus found Mikael hostage Camille, she’s pass out. They start to fight, Camille is wakeup. Davina and Kol found them, he convinced her that they might work together to make it work.

While Klaus is going to kill him, Mikael point the knife to Camille. Klaus go to stop the knife. He has chance to stab the while steak, at same time Davina and Kol make their spell.

Mikael doesn’t understand why Klaus is not burn when he stabbed. Mikael noticed Davina and Kol spell to get power out of stake, he now going after them.

He knocked down Kol, and bite Davina. Camille remove the stake from Klaus, Mikael is going after her now. Then Marcel is show up and fight him, Hayley also come to help.

Klaus is awake now, along with Davina. As he outnumber, he leaves. Davina get the white stake, she left with Kol. Marcel and Hayley after checked around they found that Mikael really leave.

Hayley tell him they have another big problem, Ester is going to make Elijah remember everything he did, it will make him weak and lost himself.

Elijah dream that Hayley come and rescue Elijah while Ester is not careful, he’s weak. She try to give her blood, he refused he afraid that he will kill her. finally he drink her.