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The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 6 Green light

At the restaurant in station, DEA agents has a green light to come with search warrant. They found nothing, the owner threaten one of the agent Gonzalez.

Peterson is the head of DEA, he ask Abbot to investigate his team. He think he might has someone trick the restaurant before they go in.

Abbot go to check Gonzalez’s house, he found him is killed in his house. Next day At FBI Abbot bring Peterson to see everyone, they want them to help to find who kill him.

Patrick and Lisbon go to check Gonzalez desk, while Wiley and Vega question the other in raid team. Cho is question the owner, Patrick go to ask the owner question and let him goes. He goes to the restaurant and do something on sign of it.

He takes Abbot with him, they are waiting near the restaurant. He ask him how he knows Peterson, he said he worked for him.

Peterson show up, he tell Abbot that Patrick tell his people that they will make raid today. He said he lie, he show him the sign photo of restaurant. Seem the day they raid they didn’t sell drug.

Patrick ask them what they think the owner will do if he knows the raid will come ? They see him goes at sign and turn the light off. So if Patrick can figure out, Gonzalez can too it mean someone his team kill Gonzalez.

Abbot wants them to check all Peterson agents, Patrick think he can find it but he need someone to get old badge photo from DEA.

Peterson call Abbot at night, he threaten him to help him by give him a credit otherwise he will release information about his past that can hurt him and his wife. Patrick see the problem, he tell him he will get him answer.

Patrick get list of DEA shorter after get the old photo from Vega, Wiley found the cat website that they use to communicate. But still not know who, he said the website is stop updated. Patrick think he might prepare to run.

Patrick wants to see those DEA, while he ask Vega to takes agent to arrest Peterson. He ask several questions to DEA agents, and cross off each of them.

While they down to few people, Vega break in and tell them that Peterson is a killer. They let the rest go, but Lisbon, Abbot and Cho go after 3 of DEA left. Threaten them that they will following them until they found evidence. All of them intend to turn back on them, but only Orosco that shot Cho.

But his gun already swap the bullet, he cache him down. At FBI he confess that he upset because he never get promotion.