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The Originals Season 2 Episode 4 Live and Let Die

While there is party at house of Marcel, the Wolf bark in his party. Marcel tell them they have a deal, that vampires stay live at border. One of the wolf said now it’s not enough, He asked by who?

They kill one of them for threaten, He ask Marcel to leave next time they will kill them all.

Camille is at Finn’s clinic, he’s her psychological doctor. He wants her to disclose herself more about her boyfriends.

Elijah ask Hayley about Klaus from her, he is upset because her people (wolf) just declare war on vampire.

Klaus found Camille on the street, she just hang up from calling Davina. Davina now control his father, and hide somewhere. He wants to find her, he tell her about his father and Davina.

He asked her to convince Davina, otherwise he will going to kill her. Ester and Kol are looking for Davina too, but seem she can block her locator spell. She knows that Davina has white stake, she wants it.

Davina ask Mikael to teach her stronger, Marcel is talking with his people about leaving. Some they don’t want, some ask how they can leave them in 1 day. Elijah show up and teach them the lesson.

At grave Finn tell the young wolf that there will be a blood moon tonight. He wants them to make the rural like they did in past. He wants them to kill human so it will activate their curse.

Mikael give the hard lesson to Davina, he teach her to endure the pain. At bar Camille convice Klaus to talk about himself, why he wants to kill his father. She try to talk sense to him for his life purpose, she ask him to dance.

Davina call Kol for help and give her some supply, she will tell him her address. He comes to help her, treat her. He try to win over her trust. While she asleep, Kol is searching for while stake.

But instead he meet his father, Kol propose him that he knows magic can close his controller but in exchange he must not hurt him. He try to get the controller from Davina but she wake up.

Camille text her that Klaus is coming to her, she try to hide with magic. Klaus found that she’s there with his father, he knock her down. Mikael threaten Kol to release him otherwise he will killed him now.

He finally release him, now they meet each other and fight. He is stabbed with white stake, but he could stab him with magic knife. Now he get the white stake, while Mikael can’t move he has hesitate to killed him.

He see Camille is running to him, she afraid they he will kill her. He tell her he decided to use her advice and not kill him.

At Marcel hideout, while Elijah is teaching Gia how to fight. Hayley show up she bring one of the wolf leader, she said they want to talk. He said he need his help.

Marcel, Elijah and wolf talks about young wolf, they want to keep them out. They make plan, at night Marcel and Gia are decoy. They wolf start to chase them, while Olivier lead the young to Hayley out of the town.

Elijah and Oliver trick the other wolves to them, but seem Ester wants him at first. As no deal, Elijah and Olivier killed all the wolves.

Finn show up and use magic on them, Elijah almost can kill him. But Ester show up and stab him with stake. He end up capture by Ester, she said she will need to purify him.