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The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 5 the silver briefcase

Today Cho and Lisbon are at the training center, they are success. After done while Patrick and Lisbon are talking. Colonel Raymond come to see them. Patrick feel something strange about him, Lisbon tell him his wife is murdered 8 months ago.

Patrick propose Abbot to investigate about it, Abbot finally ok but he must not let Colonel Raymond knows.

Cho go to check the police who do the case, Colonel Raymond has strong alibi and they found all stolen stuff in the Zach’s car.

Patrick and Lisbon go to see Zach at prison, after talked with him they think he’s innocent. They go to see the house, they found a lot thing very suspicious like the murderer seem strange to broke in to the house from side of street,

They found that only Colonel can do this to his wife, he stage the room and make the time of her dead wrong. He also tried to erase the other woman finger print from house, they decided to visit him.

Patrick go to see him, try to provoke him. but he’s not success, he go back to FBI. He tell Cho and Vega that his office has everything same as that murder day except a Afircan club is missing.

He think the best is find his affair, most affair is happen at work place. They send Wiley to search all office, he finally found Denis. Her room all decorate with African stuff.

Patrick ask Lisbon to check on her, come back and describe her to him. He asked her that she think she could be a killer, she say yes.

Next day Wiley and Vega try to search the evidence from 8 months ago, Wiley found something.

Colonel Raymond come to see Lisbon, he found out that they are investigate on his wife murder. He asked to stop investigation, Abbot sorry but has to stop them.

Patrick trick Colonel Raymond and Denis to the training center, he tell them that his briefcase has an evidence to get them. He wants them to confess so he will make a deal, but before 5 minutes.

Denis decided to stay, she wants to know what’s going on. Patrick tell her that what happen if he bored her? They stare each other for a while, Denis start to talk but He yell him to stop.

Finally Colonel Raymond said that we did, she response that he did. At FBI, Colonel confess that his wife knows about his affair, she wants to divorce and wants everything. But Denis is killer. But Denis said it’s him.