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The Librarians Season 1 Episode 6 the fables of doom

At night, a frustrate driver try to make his way to get out the working road. He almost hit the other, but he’s not. Then his car is grabbed by a Giant hand, throw his truck to the river.

Next day, Eve and Librarians go to Bremen with back door. The clipping at library tell them about this accident, they are going to check it.

Cassandra see something like wave on the truck, Jacob use fire extinguisher on the truck. They see a big finger print, Jenkins tell them that it’s a troll.

He said not to fight it, flee. But he need the sample of it, he said it subdue during the day light. Eve and Jones go around to tracking troll, they found it under the bridge as a rock. She ask him to get some sample.

Jacob and Cassandra is checking about footage, they meet the mayor running in birthday suit. They think there are something off in town, they ask sheriff if there is something else strange ?

He tell them that someone heard strange noise, a woman stuck in her oven, someone is missing. They go to see Eve and Jones, they think it’s not just about troll.

They suddenly heard the scream, they see the Big wolf with night cap walking along the road. It going to attack a woman, Jacob throw an axes and kill it. It become small wolf again.

They realize that it like in the little red riding hood, Cassandra thinks that naked mayor is like the Emperor’s new clothes. and 3 cars attacked by troll, like in three billy goats gruff.

Someone use fairy tales to attack people, at library Jenkins can narrow down 57 artifacts that can make fairy tales become live., He cross off some that need some special thing to work, but still a lot to find.

Jenkins need them to bring the wolf body back, so he can check. They found some folk in town keep the body in his fridge. While Cassandra and Eve are at bar waiting Jones and Jacob take the body, she feel that everyone is staring at her.

Jacob and Jones found the truck, they carry it to Jenkins. He said if the wolf inside stuff with feather then it will be Aesop’s lyre, but instead he found red woman in its stomach.

At hospital, grandfather is reading the tale (it’s shining) to his granddaughter who is sick.

Eve and librarians take the girl from wolf to hospital, seem somehow she won’t let Cassandra go. she won’t remember much thing. Jenkins confirm that it’s Libris Fabula, once story read it become real.

He said people who feed the story will get sick, Eve think they will find the record of people who get sick without reason. Cassandra go to check the record, Eve and Jacob are going to find the book.

Jones try to get money from vendor machine, one of coin rolling on the floor. He following it to the child’s room, she said she get sick after read a book.

Cassandra and Jenkins found strange case like kid sick because eat side of his house, some sick after eat apple, a step mother paranoid that her step daughter try to kill her.

Eve found that her shoes keep failing off, they go to the hospital library, they are looking for a very old book. They found the librarian at hospital, seem he just get the old book from the book collector.

Cassandra is at the bar flirting with women, Eve and Jacob come and tell her that they found the books. They need Jones to pick the lock, Jones comes and tell them about kid in hospital.

Sheriff come too and try to arrest him for pick lock in his daughter’s room, Jones escape from the cuff, sheriff become red eye. He blow the bar explode, he’s the wolf from other tale.

They are escape and running from him. Jacob heard Eve hum, he said they are strange. Eve’s hair is so shiny, Cassandra like the chick magnet and he found himself with axe. Eve call Jenkins he asked what role they are, Eve say Jacob is huntsman, Jacob say Cassandra is prince charming, and Eve is princess.

They start to see town getting more strange, a woman is looking for her sheep, a man growing his nose while lie, then there is a vine starting block the road.

They are getting all people with them, Cassandra lead them with her charming. But sheriff and his wolf is following.

Jones try to sneak back to hospital, he’s back to child’s room. He see the librarian is reading the book to a girl. He ask him to stop because he draining her life, librarian say he knows that once he read the book it start to drain listener power.

He force down Jones with his power, he seem upset because when he get old anybody look down him. He push Jones down, he start to reading again.

Eve call Jones, he tell her now he’s with the book. She tell him to stop him otherwise all town will die. Jones use his coin and stop the librarian, he take the book from freeze librarian and give to the kid.

He ask her to tell her good story, she tell that huntsman is a robot, princess is a ninja and charming is a Merlin. And they chase away the wolf, except head of wolf need to eat green jelly forever.

The librarian is suck in to the book and disappear. She is not sick anymore, Next day librarians leave the town.