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The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 4 the black market

Lisbon and Cho are at the diamond shop, they are buying the wedding ring. They investigate about stolen jewelry, the expert with them confirm that this shop sell jewelry from black market.

There was a robbery and security are killed, as the jewelry is appear here. They asked him where he got the jewelry, he refused and he has no idea.

FBI found the his alibi seem correct, they found it sold by Josef now he’s at gem show. Cho and Vega go to check Josef at show, seem he has no idea too. while they talk to him, the other is killed at show.

Patrick thinks that he must has a partner, once he see FBI he warn his partner and get killed. Lisbon, Vega and Cho checked around to find his partner. Patrick and Wylie found the footage that victim talked to Pond, seem he run off out of country.

Cho and Vega are waiting at airport, she spot Pond. He’s running to the hangar. They cache him, he said he is running from Losa. Now they are get shot at by him, finally they got both of them.

After questions them they are not their answer, Patrick asked Lisbon to find the answer like he did. Which he can’t because he’s sick. Abbot agree with this plan.

Next day Lisbon go to gem show, she announced that she will cache the killer. She convinced them that she’s psychic.

She crack down the mother and daughter, her daughter kill him because they first plan to get the gem for money, but his friend kill the security, victim become freak out, she switch the gem to legal vendor, she kill it because he try to confess.