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The Librarians Season 1 Episode 5 the apple of discord

2 Japaneses are at the Fuji mountain there is an earthquake, at library they found the earthquakes are happen around the world. They suddenly get the earthquake near by, and there is something behind the back door.

Flynn come through the door, he said it’s a dragon. He said all the earthquake cause from dragon awake and they are not happy.

He said they are awake because something belong to them are taken, he ask Jones and Jacob to found out all information. And Cassandra to check about dragon signal.

Flynn tell Eve that the eastern dragon representative will come soon. There is a bell ring, Jones go to open the door he talks to the a Japanese. He said now Jones is a representative of the library.

He is the representative of Fei long eastern dragon, said that the pearl is taken from them. if they don’t return soon. he can’t hold the fury of Fei long. As Jones is representative he has to stay to stall him.

Flynn tell them that if pearl taken by western dragon it should be under Rome. They use the backdoor to Vatican, he said the entrance should be somewhere near the ground yard.

They found the puzzle on the floor near the fountain, they solve the puzzle it open the hole on the floor. The tunnel lead to a trap room, there are pearl in room. They manage to get the pearl, but Jacob is act strange once he touch the pearl.

He lock them in the room and leave them, at the library the represent of Jinny come. Along with another supernatual. Look like some one bring the conclave to the library.

Flynn and them can get out the room, they lose the way until they meet the dragon. It says it doesn’t get the pearl.

They found Jacob at the museum, he is cache by guard then he drop the pearl. it’s break to a piece and there is golden apple inside.

Cassandra take it off the floor, she changed. She get the gun from Eve and fire the alarm. She found Lamia in other room, Flynn remember that this is apple of discord. It will bring the worst version of people out.

At library seem Jones can handle the conclave well, but Dulaque is show up. He convince them that the librarian is useful-less. Jenkins is leaving, Jones confront him and say he will save the library.

Cassandra calculate the point and damage that can do to Lamia, she knock her down. She’s now going to the power plant, she is going to destroy it. They cache up her, they trick her to let the apple go. Now Flynn get the apple, Eve and Lamia follow to stop him.

At library Jones try hard to win a debate to Dulaque, while he asking them to vote to remove the librarian. Jenkins come and rescue him, he help him stall them. He finally make a mistake, Dulaque has a chance to call a vote to end the library.

Flynn take back to the library, he chase down the other 3 and Jenkins. Now he talking to the meeting. Jenkins trick him and make him drop the apple, Jones steal from him.

Seem apple has no effect on Jones, they guess because he already his worst version. Flynn convince the meeting that they need the librarian to protect them.

A represent of Fei long still dissatisfy because they still can’t find their pearl, Jones tell the meeting that he suspect some one who has access to the pearl. He doesn’t refuse and leave.

Jenkins confront Dulaque, he said he knows that it’s him who plan this. The pearl and the represent and conclave, to take down the library.