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The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 3 Orange blossom ice cream

At FBI, Abbot is brief about Jan, he’s the terrorism supplier. CIA wants to cache him, now he’s here for sell fake passport chip. CIA tell him that Erica now is his girlfriend, when CIA contact her she agree to help but only condition she wants to work with Patrick.

CIA setup conference with her, Patrick ask her why she need him. She said he need to replace the dead courier, once he get the code and chip then they are safe.

They now will go to Beirut as a courier, while Lisbon disguise as his partner. Once they get there, Patrick tell her what they have here is orange blossom ice cream.

Once they check-in hotel, they found Erica at the room. She tell them that she met Jan when she’s in trouble, when she is with him she doesn’t know what he does until CIA tell her. She tell him she does this because she wants to go home.

She send him to see Jan. 2 Russians guy drive him to Jan’s place. They takes him to bathroom, push him under the water 3 times. Then he bring him to see Jan, he ask him to repeat all words he said.

Patrick success the test, Jan wants him to remember the long number and repeat it at destination. He try to raise the wage, Jan ask him about his work with police. Seem he’s not suspect him, then he take Lisbon there and ask who is her.

He said she is his girlfriend, seem they convinced Jan. Erica show up at the hotel, tell them now he is downstairs and ready to deal.

Jan meet him and give him all instructions, he need to delivery the message to USA. While Erica trick Lisbon to jealous on her.

Patrick tell the number to FBI, Lisbon is really jealous. Abbot wants the get recipient and get the chip even they can’t crack the code.

FBI setup the meeting, Cho there to meet him. But he notice the FBI undercover, he run out. Vega stop him, Cho kill him when he try to shot Vega.

They call Patrick, he thinks that he need the book from Jan. So he can crack the code, he call her to get in his room. While they are searching, Jan is back. They barely escape, but he gets his book.

They crack the code and found the place, Cho found the chips. At Beirut, the police takes Jan. Patrick found that Erica trick him to catch Jan and get his money.

She try to convince him and leave together, but he refused. She teaser him. But once she left room, she meet Lisbon waiting.