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The Librarians Season 1 Episode 4 Santa’s Midnight run

At London, a robber bark in the charity center while people is enjoy the Christmas, a man from the kitchen in the center talk to him and calm him down. he manage to get the gun from robber. Then he get shot by a dart, he’s fell down, guess what he’s Santa.

At library, Cassandra, Jones and Jacob decorate the room with Christmas presents. Eve come to room ask them why they do that.

Jenkins come and tell them after hang up the call that Christmas is cancel, because Santa Claus is disappear. They ask him is Santa is really real ?

Jenkins said yes, he tell them that Santa usually come at the time of season and bring the goodwill to human. If he’s missing, the planet will chaos.

He tell them that from Mrs. Claus information, Santa is in the kitchen at London before he disappear. Now they need to find him before world is burning.

He prepare the backdoor for them to go to London, Jacob and Cassandra question the witness in the center. He tell them that that man is grabbed by woman with tattoo.

They figure that they are serpent brotherhood, while Jones get surveillance footage. Cassandra remember the guy Dulaque she is only one that see him.

Jenkins heard his name also remember him, he said Dulaque will kill Santa Claus. At serpent brotherhood hideout, Dulaque said he will kill him at midnight.

At library, they ask Cassandra about brotherhood hideout she visited. She remember all detail by image, with Jones they can get the surveillance around the place.

They found it’s the Victorian building, Eve and Jacob found the room filled with ancient art. They meet Dulaque there, seem he knows them well. Lamia and brotherhood men also there.

Dulaque order to kill them without gun, Jacob threaten to break the piece of art. He toy them around to distract them, while Jones and Cassandra sneak from the chimney.

They found Santa tie at the chair, they rescue him. Dulaque realize that they are stalling them. He leave and find out that Santa is escape, but he doesn’t seem worry.

Eve plan take Santa to his sleigh, while Jones act as decoy and lure them out. Santa takes her to place where he hide it, but it’s gone.

Santa suddenly changed himself to Nicolas, he make prank at Eve. She ask Jenkins what’s he, he tell her usually Nicolas will hide toy from children and make a prank. He said usually he should not be Nicolas.

Santa switch back to himself again, he tell them that he’s poison. As he lost his talisman so that’s why. He explain that Nicolas come with stick, and Santa come with hat. Jenkins tell them to keep moving, otherwise they will find him because Santa has as strong magic.

Santa use his power and fasten her car to North pole, but instead they end up at Canada. Jones, Cassandra and Jacob back to library, Jenkins tell them there is no way for them to be at north pole on time.

Cassandra said that Santa must release the magic at ley lines, she said Santa can just release it somewhere else. Jenkins said the best and closet is near Alaska.

Jenkins send Jones and Cassandra to arrange their transport to Alaska, Eve and Santa start to walk there while waiting.

They finally walk to the nearest town, Santa is change to Odin. Jones and Cassandra is now at the airport, he tell the pilot to go home so he can spent time with family.

Once he drunk he start the fight in bar, Eve get them out and go to the airport. Eve found that there is no pilot, while Eve is freak out. Santa said that he knows how to fly it.

He seems in pain, he tell Eve that it’s too much for him because he hold all good will for a year. They almost there so he can give the gift to everyone. but Dulaque and Lamia are come in sleigh on the plane.

He hostage Jacob, Jones and Cassandra. He wants Eve to hand over Santa. He ask Lamia to destroy the plane they will leave with sleigh. Eve ask Jones to give Santa’s hat back.

Dulaque knows that it’s his talisman it may help him fight the poison, he takes the hat from Jones and wear it. It start to effect on him, he do what Eve ask him to do. He finally feel himself and remove the hat.

Eve has chance to cache him, but he decided to fly down. Santa is very sick he can’t fly the plane anymore, Eve and Jacob is doing it.

They reach the Trans-Alaska, they go there for shelter and supplier. Santa tell them he can’t do it, he can’t focus because of poison. He said that he need someone to channel the power and do it instead of him.

He said he need Eve to delivery it, he give her all man goodwill. Eve found that she is appear with many people around the world and give them the hope and power to live.

Next day, Jenkins tell Eve that Santa is recovery. And they throw her a birthday party.