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The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 2 The gray bar hotel

At front of charity, a couple rob the car from guest. Marie is chased by police, and finally get caught. His boyfriends Cole found that she’s not come back.

Marie is question by Abbot and Cho at FBI, they ask her to tell them where is her boyfriend otherwise she will send behind the bar but she won’t cooperated. They go with plan B, they send Lisbon to infiltrate her in jail with Marie.

Lisbon found Marie in cell, she is not friendly at all. At FBI, Cass from CIA come to see Abbot about their plan how to get Cole, they think if they get Cole they might have another link to terrorism, drug lord.

Lisbon help Marie from a fight with another inmate, she is upset and doesn’t want her help. Lisbon has Patrick on phone, he asked about her and Marie. Patrick tell her that she need the friend.

At night Lisbon finally crack her, she start to tell her about warehouse and her boyfriend. Lisbon called in, Patrick can pinpoint the place with her description.

They found warehouse is belong to fake company, Abbot call team to get in. They cache a guy with a lot of stolen car in warehouse, Cho ask him about Cole whereabout. He seem doesn’t know, he said Hendricks might know it.

Abbot tell Patrick that as Marie is useless now, they should get Listbon out. Patrick say that they should break her out, because Cole still in town waiting for Marie.

Patrick go to see Lisbon tell her about plan, Abbot go to see Marie and threaten to send her to super max prison in 48 hours.

Back at cell, Lisbon trick Marie to break out. She is going to call Cole and tell him prepare for their escape.

They make a plan for her to escape, during the shift break they distract the guard, change the cloth to employee room, and walk out the front door.

Hendricks meet them outside the prison, Cho and Abbot following them. They changed the car in the parking, Abbot lost them.

They park the car at gas station, Marie and Lisbon get out to buy some food. They meet Cole there. He is really paranoid, he thinks that the owner is texting police. He shot him down, Lisbon has chance to left a clue.

Patrick and Vega come to the shop, he following them to direction she left the mark. Patrick found them in the wood with helicopter. Cole is paranoid at Lisbon, he try to question her. He really found her suspicious, he decided to kill her.

Patrick show up and say he’s FBI. He tell them the place is surround with sniper, they must drop their gun. Cole doesn’t believe, when he try to kill him.

Abbot and FBI team show up and cache them, At FBI Cole finally give all names and all information.

Jane found  that Cole help to smuggle Erica out too.