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The Librarians Season 1 Episode 3 the horns of a dilemma

A man is running from something, he try to ask help from 2 dark hood. But they won’t, it drag him gone.

Jacob, Jones and Cassandar are at the storage at night, they are escaping from Eve. Jacob and Jones are knock by her, and Cassandar is cached. They are training by Eve, she is so upset because they are pity.

They back to the library, Jenkins tell them that there is a new page. But Eve doesn’t want them to look yet, they are not ready.

3 of them decided to go on without Eve’s permission, they found that 8 people are missing. They told Eve that they want to find them.

She ask them to plan and prepared and find information about them, they found that all of them related to company golden axe foods.

Eve say that they will not break in, but just go there and ask questions. Jenkins prepare the backdoor to Boston for them. Now they has a door lead to Boston.

They questions the CEO, seem 8 of them are intern of the company. Eve feel that they are hiding something, she ask them to go to HR to check the record. While she is going to check server’s room.

She knock down the CEO’s assistant and get his ID, she found the room is not server room. it filled with old art.

3 of them are on the way to HR department, they found room with HR sign. Once they open the room is filled with skull. They start to run, Eve send them the picture of a art in the room, Jacob knows that it’s belong to Minoan era.

They found that it’s related to Minotaur, they found themselves in a kind of labyrinth. Jones try to get out through the door, but it leads them to another tunnel.

Eve ask Jenkins how she will get them out, he tell her no way even with his back door. She decided to find them down in maze, 3 of them now heard minotaur roar.

Cassandar thinks she found the way to get out, she see the pattern in her head. Minotaur is show up, but Eve too. She shot it several times, it run back to her.

She escape it, but now they are cornered in a room. Jenkins show up with the back door in cabinet. They escape back to the library.

At library they checked all artifact picture she found at that room, they thinks if they destroy the thread the labyrinth will down.

From Minotaur myth, the king after sacrifice 14 virgin he will get rich. Like golden axe foods, they sacrifice 8 interns already that mean they will have to do 6 more to complete.

They are going back, but on the way Cassandar found the wall has graphic like in labyrinth. Look like the labyrinth is expand as the town now, Minotaur also walk out the building and transform to a man. He’s looking for them.

Eve is asking Jenkins how they can find the thread if they are stuck in the maze, Minotaur found and attack them.

Jenkins is going to up effect of labyrinth, so even minotaur will lost. They are discuss how Theseus escape from labyrinth, they think he go to the source and close it.

Eve remind that she use keycard from CEO’s assistant, and that prevent them from labyrinth. Cassandar say she can figure out it, so their plan is they will out run it and shutdown maze.

They split to 2 groups, one distract the minotaur. the other find the center of maze and close it. Eve and Jacob try to distract it, she is beaten by it. He hit Minotaur with car and escape to the library, but it try to follow them.

Cassandar and Jones found the center of maze, they are going through the artifact room. CEO found them in the room, She point the gun at them. Jones get a chance he grab thread and throw it to labyrinth.

It destroy labyrinth, minotaur is disappear. They success safe and back at library.