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The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 1 Nothing But Blue Skies

At Bowling in Texas, a man leave in his bike. He’s blocked by a car, driver shoot him to dead.

In blue sky morning, Patrick bring coffee to Lisbon. she offer him the key to her house. Abbot call her that there is a case and he need her. He ask her that he knows where is Jane, she say no. He say fine he will track him, Patrick get the called.

At the scene, Cho and Lisbon checked the body. Patrick come later try not to show any one else that they are together. Abbot say that the vicitm is Geist he’s a secret agent under cover.

At FBI office, the colleague of Geist Ken comes to brief about him. He said Geist is work undercover about some firearm steal from military and sell to drug dealer. and the bowling is the their meeting point.

They go to the bowling, the owner come to greet them and willing to help. Cho go to see guy name Amber he ‘s security, he asked him about victim but seem nothing useful.

Patrick and Lisbon question bartender and hooker, seem they think he’s a bit paranoid. Ken won’t tell them anything, so it’s hard for them to help. Patrick decided to tell everybody that Geist is the under cover, he want to see the surprise expression from them.

Patrick found the bartender doesn’t seem surprise for that, he said she is that salesman. She starting to run, she escape.

Today new agent is coming to replace Fischer, because she moved to Seattle. At Abbot office Ken is so upset because he think Patrick let her spook and get away. He promise him that he will get them for him.

Patrick go to check Geist’s room because some of witness said he acts strange. Patrick found something in room, he calling FBI but he get Vega new Agent on phone. He crack down her a bit about her life and her father. He ask her if she know something about psychology ?

Seem she knows he ask her to get Geist profile, while Cho found the Truck. Vega follow him to check the truck. They spot her, but she get the hostage. Then she is running toward Vega, she stop her.

At FBI, as they have no evidence they have to release her. Patrick found that Geist is fear of the dark, he is a friend of the boy that kidnapped and killed. in that case there are 2 kidnappers one is already shot to dead.

Lisbon suggest that Geist must found that kidnapper at bar, and that freak out him. Abbot tell them that they going to release salesman soon, they need to find the evidence. Cho said she should has stock, Patrick come and tell them they will get 2 cases.

At night Cho go to the Bowling, In morning Patrick tell salesman that he will going to find that weapon. He takes her to the Bowling, at first owner wants the warrant. But after Cho tell him that he can get but he will need to tear down the place, he changed his mind.

He trick her to tell him the place, he found some weapon under the seat. They arrest her out, then He tell them that he is going to solve another crime and find the weapon that killed Geist. They heard Cho yell that she take her gun and try to fired them.

They start to run and hide, while everybody get out. The owner sneak back and take his gun back from hidden. Cho come in and arrest him.

At FBI, Abbot says to her that if she confess she will get minimum, but if Patrick found the gun she will get 25-life. She finally panic and confess.

Patrick found Pike is writing something at Lisbon’s desk, he talked to him and sorry about them. Lisbon found they are talking, they feeling very awkward.