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The Librarians Season 1 Episode 2 The sword in the stone

From previous episode, Flynn is stab and down because sword Excalibur. 2 men from brotherhood is going to kill him. Eve come on time and knock them out.

Flynn wake out, he tell them he need to cure the wound. He get some potion that help to slow down the bleeding.

He said they need to find Cassandar, she is one of them. Eve tell him that she pass her on the way, she said she will go to meet at corridor.

Cassandar and Lamia with brotherhood, now they taken the stuff from the hall. Flynn and them are running to find them, then they heard the bell.

The floor start to fold, everyone start to run off. Lamia tell Cassandar that 1st librarian is cut down the library from the world to prevent them leave.

Flynn and them run to the deep of the library, there are doors there. Flynn open one of them and thrown them out. Now they are in the wood at Oregon.

They need to take Flynn to hospital, they meet a guy waiting at his car. He takes them to a strange building. He tell them the wound from Excalibur will not heal in hospital.

He takes them to the library, it is the interface to main library. He used to works with Judson the previous library, but they are not well together.

Eve tell them that he will die in 24 hours, Cassandar is trick by head of brotherhood. He tell her that she will help them to help other people with magic.

A man talk to Eve that as she is his guardian, she has to help him from drown. She go to see Flynn, he’s finding the way to go back the library.

Flynn just notice that Lamia say the Excalibur is a key, so from the tale it mean the  stone is the lock.

They head to london, they are looking for stone in tower of london. Jacob suggest that they should find the magic artifact so it will resonance with stone magic.

Flynn found there is The star of Marrakesh, it has magical power. They plan and make the distract so Jones can steal it.

After they get the gem, it show them the way. While brotherhood also found the way through underground. The gem lead them to bucking palace, Eve very upset and leave.

At night they are going to the ball at bucking palace, with help from Eve they can get in.  They found a guard is stand at front of the wall, so they know there is a secret door.

Brotherhood break the wall and they found the room with the rock, but it cover with unbreakable cage. There is a key near by, Lamia ask Cassandar to open it.

Once she open it, Lamia tell brotherhood to lock her away. Cassandar knows now they are lie about going to help other people. Lamia put the sword in the rock, the magic is coming back.

Flynn and them go in secret door, they go through the wine room. They found Lamia, and Cassandar in the jail. She suggest them to distract them with John machine. Eve knock down the brotherhood.

Flynn challenge Lamia, he distracted her while Jones activate the magnetic. It get him the crown from Lamia. Lamia is attack him, Flynn ask Excalibur to help and knock her down.

Now magic is going back to earth, Excalibur is dying. He gave the Excalibur that has very small magic to Cassandar. it could heal her, while he’s dying. She change her mind and use it on him.

Excalibur is die, it melt in the rock and disappear. They go back to Jenkins, now they are  going separate. Flynn is in the library interface, he see Judson in mirror, he tell him that the library is lost in time and space.

Judson tell him he has to stop brotherhood from use the magic that already release. He will has no time to find the library.

Flynn go out they still there, all of them get the invitation card, all of them stay. He ask Jenkins to teach them how to be librarian.

He let 3 of them to train at the library interface, while he will going to find the library. He leave Eve to help them survive. He leave.

Jenkins explain to them that at the library there is a clipping book which every night there will be a new page about mystery, they just have to check it.