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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 9 The Things We Left Behind

A girl is taken to isolation because she make shoplifting, Claire. She is Castiel vessel’s daughter. He goes to visit her at child center, he try to help her because he did to her.

Castiel try to get her out, but the officer seem sense something. She refuse him to take her out. At night he come break in and take her out.

Claire tell him that he’s better, nicer. She said she doesn’t need him to take care her. She dump him and take his money. She left with some car from the road.

He call Sam and Dean to help him find her, he need to know if she safe. Sam go to ask around the center.

Dean ask Castiel to promise if he go dark, he must kill him before Sam go in his way. Crowley still prison his mother in jail, she is very bad mother.

Claire go to her hideout, she give her money to a man. They talk about someone will come to collect tonight. They trick her to rob the shop, Castiel, Sam and Dean get someone and ask about Claire.

Castiel come to stop before she does, she complaint him for what he does to her family. They tell her that family is using her. Anyway she is leaving.

Crowley is talking to his mother, he upset on her because she left him since he’s child. Claire go back to house, she found the gang come to collect their debt. They offer him to exchange her for his debt.

Castiel, Sam and Dean come to rescue her, but Dean didn’t escape. They try to beat him, but Dean kill them all.