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The Flash Season 1 Episode 9 Revenge of the Rogues

At christmas eve, Barry help Joe and Iris decorate the christmas tree at their home. Joe doesn’t want rogues suit to do. Joe received the call from station he leave.

While they exchange the gift, Eddie come take Iris to diner, he propose her at the restaurant.

Barry give christmas gift to his colleague at STAR lab. While Caitlin goes back home she see Ronnie, he show her that he’s meta-human.

At lab, there is alarm happen. The guards are hit by a man in yellow suit moving very fast. Barry and Joe go to see the scene, witness said that the yellow blur do it.

Barry and Joe think he is the one who murder his mother, they go back to the lab. They plan the make the trap to capture them.

Caitlin go to ask Iris about burning man, she said she will send her more information. Dr. well and Barry go to warn the owner of prototype. They offer to help but she refused.

Caitlin tell Cisco that she saw Ronnie, she wants him to help her to find him. Iris come to see Barry at night, he is looking on his mother’s case. She tell him about Eddie’s propose, he feel so down.

Then yellow suit show up at front of Barry, he chase him. But Barry is slower than him. He is beaten by him, he tell him that he beaten him before and his mother die is destiny.

Caitlin and Cisco use some device to track Ronnie, they found him in the underground. He tell them that he’s not Ronnie.

Dr. well and Joe set up the trap, but they don’t want him there. He is very uppset, he goes to see his father at prison.

He tell his father that he found the yellow suit, and he so closed to get him. but he’s let him got away, his father tell him that let it go do not let that man take more from them.

Barry go to see Iris, he confess to her that he’s in love with her. He’s sorry that he just tell her now.

Joe, Eddie and Dr. well set a trap at the lab, they are waiting man in yellow suit. They caught him in the trap, Joe try to ask him why he kill Barry’s mother.

Dr well ask him why he need the device, Cisco found that the trap is going to break. The yellow man suit tell them his power is reverse of the Flash. He get out and capture Dr well and take him back in trap.

Joe close the trap, before he kill Dr well. He get out and get device and beat the police, Eddie and try to hurt Joe. Cisco call Barry to help, he come to stop him but still get beaten by yellow suit man.

Ronnie come to help Barry and chase away yellow suit man, he ask Caitlin not to chase him then he fly away.

Dr. well is injured, Caitlin tell him about Ronnie. He promise her that he will bring him back.

Barry tell Joe he knows why he lost because he always afraid of yellow man since that night.

Cisco tell Joe that the night Barry’s mother die, there are 2 lights red and yellow. That mean there is another speeder that night.