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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 7 Girls, Girls, Girls

At night, a girl is chasing by a man. He caught her, he tell her more girls will come then he kill her.

Castiel and Hannah still looking for angel on earth and send them up. She take off her cloth for shower, it make him uncomfortable. While they are leaving, Hannah meet her husband. She kiss Castiel to convince him that she will not go back with him.

Dean found a really nice woman, but apparently she is after his soul. But as she is not demon, so he ask her what’s it. They cache the demon who manage this, he is killed by her.

She tell them there is a club, where his boss is. but at his club, a strange woman come and kill the boss there.

Both of them go to the club, they found they are dead. They found the a witch kill him. The other demon left and report to Crowley.

Sam and Dean found that there is only Rowena witch that can cast spell and kill demon. Seem Rowena try to gather the coven, she now want to teach girls she just rescue.

Dean question one of witness, he tell him there is a witch with girls before a waiter has head boil. They are checking expensive hotel around.

Hannah decided not to go with Castiel, she feel so sorry for her body. She go to heaven and left her body back to vessel.

Demons found the witch and her students, they try to bring them to Crowley. Dean and Sam come to stop them, they killed demons. But then witch turn one of girl and attack them.

Dean following her, when she try to kill another girl. He almost get her, but a guy Cole come to revenge his father, he release the witch. Now they are fighting, at last Dean won.

He hand him a gun and want him to listen, he tell him that his father is monster he may kill him and his mother. He doesn’t want believe to him. finally Dean convince him.

Demons finally cache the witch at hotel, they bring her back to hell to see Crowley. He notice that she’s his mother.