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The Flash Season 1 Episode 8 Flash vs. Arrow

A red eye man come to the bank, he start the chaos in the bank. While he take out the money from the safe. Some of people is going to shoot other, Flash rescue him from shot.

Eddie try to convince the captain to investigate Flash, but he doesn’t care he need to cache the thief. Eddie is very upset, that he is shutdown.

Barry go to check at STAR lab, from cat scan of victim at bank they found the emotion part in their brain is effected.

Iris ask Flash to come, she warn him to leave before cop start to cache him. Now Cisco found that police found the thief and the money.

Once police face him, they going berserk too. He shot at the police, Flash come on time and help them. But then he try to shot Flash and Joe, Arrow come and stop him.

Arrow come to ask Flash to help on investigate, Barry propose to take Felicity at the lab. While he ask Arrow to help him to check about a thief.

He take Felicity to Lab, Cisco is very excited about work she ask. Dr. well and Joe ask Barry to get Arrow out of city. They think he is too dangerous.

Arrow get a name for Barry in morning, he tell Felicity that Barry actually doesn’t need him, she finally convinced him to work with Barry.

Arrow bring Barry to make some train, he tell him that he’s not efficiency. Barry go back to station, now Eddie convince his captain that Flash is dangerous. because Arrow shot the man in storage for information.

Joe tell Barry that he can’t stand the Arrow, at STAR lab Dr well try to get secret from felicity. but she won’t tell.

Cisco found the thief, Barry said he can handle by himself. He go to cache him, he use his red eye on Barry. He stun and let him go.

At STAR lab, they didn’t found anything wrong with him. Barry go to train with Arrow again, he thinks that Arrow jealous him. He is angry at him and leave.

Barry go back at station, he start to angry on everyone. Arrow and Joe tell the lab that Barry act strange. Dr. well suggest that Arrow should stop Barry.

Flash go to see Eddie, he is very angry at him because he try to cache him. He is hurting Eddie now. Arrow come to stop him, they starting to fight.

Arrow finally can cache him to stay, Dr. well and Joe come with the device to fix his angry. They can cache the thief in the prison.

Arrow is leaving, he tell Felicity that something is wrong about Dr. well.