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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 6 Ask Jeeves

The rich women just pass away, her butler is prepare place for up coming funeral. one of her maid when try to steal her stuff. she found the her boss is not dead, she fell down from the upstairs and dead.

Dean tell Sam that Bobby can be a heir of rich people, they decide to go to check. They go to the house as behalf of Bobby. They meet his relatives, they found they must stay week.

Her chief of maid tell them it’s better for them not to stay here, he give them what she left. Seem she left Bobby the key.

One of her relative heard something he found the man from paint come with axe, cut his head down. but his wife saw it.

Sam and Dean back to the house, there is a police there. He said they are also now suspect. Sam is watching the left, Dead walk around to see some evidence.

While Dean is checking the house, he found the hidden door. Inside he found the room that he can use his key to open it. He found one the maid is lock down by the butler, she tell him that she see rich woman kill other maid.

They are looking for butler, Dean found him in his room. He try to explain to Dean why. Sam is looking at kitchen, he found Butler dead in kitchen. He attack Dean and left his skin, Dean found that he’s shapeshifter.

They are at the kitchen, the maid come and ask why he’s die. They ask her to help and get some silverware.

Sam go to check 2 girls with silver, seem they are OK. Dean found the other two make out in closet, they are check and seem ok.

The maid found the police is dead, one of them get the gun from police and get them locked in room.

Maid show up and tell the rest that she is. Dean and Sam found the security cam, they see maid now point the gun to them. She tell them that she’s the rich women daughter. They found the gun in safe, they break out and after her.

She tell them that her mother has affair with shape shifter, Bobby kill her father. She is very upset because her mother lock her up instead of get killed. She corner him, she knows he has no silver bullet.

Dean is back and help him but kill her instantly. Sam is a bit worried what he see.