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The Flash Season 1 Episode 7 Power Outage

10 months ago, Farooq climb up the power tower. while the particle accelerator is explode. He fell down off the tower.

At lab, Dr. well go to his hidden room, he logging about Barry activity with his super speed. This morning Barry used his ability to solve all problem start from prevent late, or help himself from rob.

He’s now at lab, Dr. well tell him that this is not just about him. Barry said that he has a case to check at station.

Barry found the victim is electrocuted, but there is no power nearby. His body lost all his face, at the lab they can identify body damage face. They found that his ID is now using to enter the power grid.

Flash go there, see a man is consume the power. He try to take power from Barry now he can’t run. At lab Barry look like back to normal.

He tell Joe about that, he can’t believe it. once Iris come, he leave. He meet the strange guy at elevator, he talk about time.

Cisco found that now Farooq is outside the lab, he wants to see Dr. well. Outside the lab he consume all city power. He’s now get in the building.

At station the strange guy, get chance that power down get the gun and take a hostage., Eddie try to get him but he has been shot. Iris remember him as clock king.

Dr well suggest that if he get electrocute his power may back. Barry go outside to talk to Farooq, he get electrocuted 1 time.

Dr. well ask Caitlin and Cisco to takes Barry out, he need him has a future. Dr well go to release Tony, he wants him to kill Farooq. They fight, Farooq try to get power from Tony but he’s failed.

Barry try to convince Caitlin to charge him, but she afraid he die. She agree now she shock him with electric from backup generator. But it ‘s not work. He found Tony dead, Farooq is show up.

Dr.well tell them that he release Tony, Barry is upset because seem he doesn’t care anything except the science. Caitlin found that his cell is back to normal, Dr. well said  that it’s mental. Barry is afraid of him, so he can’t be fast.

Joe convince clock king to let Iris good bye to Eddie before he take her as hostage. She get Eddie’s gun and fight with him.

At lab, they try to escape. but Farooq come and stop them. Dr. well distract him instead, he asked him to kill him instead. Farooq is killing Dr. Well, Barry finally feel his speed. He help him on time and let Farooq take his power, finally Barry win. Farooq knock up because takes too much power.

Barry go back to station, he see the clock king is captured and Iris is safe. Now they lock him in the cell, Caitlin found that now Barry cell is generated more power that ever, he sorry Dr. well for upset him earlier.