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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 4 Paper Moon

At moon night, a girl in leather suit go in the club. she takes a man out and kill him with her claw.

Dean and Sam are on vacation, they talked about paper they seen about animal killed 3 people in night.  They agree to go to check.

They disguise as ranger and ask about victim, they tell them that all body has heart missing. They talk to one of friend of victim, they ask if there is a girl involve ? He tell them one night he seen the girl is eating.

They go to the place where he tell them, they found a lot of dead chicken, they spot someone. She’s Kate, she tell them that she is hungry. Sheriff call them and tell them there is another kill, so it’s not Kate.

While they are talking, she escape but she drop her phone. They trace her back to her hotel. They found her go after a man to the park, but she’s not Kate. She’s attack them, then Kate come to help them and chase her.

They want explanation from her, she tell them that she turn her sister. She tell them that she never eat human heart, she explain that she found her sister almost died because accident. So she turn her to safe her.

She take her out of home, she try to start new life with her. But her sister can’t control herself, she start to kill people. She tell them she want to try to control her, if she can’t she will take that responsibility.

Dean trick Kate that there is a cure, he tell Sam he wants to kill both of them. But Sam disagree, they should try to help them. Kate take them to their parent cabin, she said this is their backup plan she should be here.

Dean cuff her in the car, they plan to kill her sister. They enter the cabin, looking for her, Sam found her in a bedroom. They are ambush but werewolf, she turn 2 men. She ask Kate to eat their heart to prove she is her side.

Kate try to talked her sense, but she won’t listen. Sam get that 2 men, Kate has no choice but killed her.

They decided to let her go, she call them to tell them not to worry. she will behalf.