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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 3 Soul Survivor

Sam stolen the blood from hospital blood bank for dean, he lock him in the storage room. He try to figure out how to help Dean soul.

Castiel is on the way to help Dean, Sam call him to come. Hannah doesn’t understand why he could do that for them in his condition.

Sam inject the blood that priest praise into Dean, he hope it can turn him back to human. Dean tell him that he knows that how he can go that far to help him, he knows that what Sam did.

Sam tricked some man to call out the demon for get his wish, so he can meet Crowley. But he can’t stop that man from request his wish, he torture the devil for Crowley’s place. But she doesn’t know where they are.

Dean ask Sam that if there is no way to cure him, will he kill him ?

Hannah convince Castiel to get grace from some angel, so he can survive. But he’s refused. Sam call him to ask what he should do, seem cure is not working. Castiel tell him to prepare himself.

Dean try to provoke Sam, he’s so upset and leave the room. Dean is so in pain, while Crawley is in hell execute his betrayer. He seems has a problem to control his hell.

While Castiel and Hannah is on stop, they are ambush by Adina. She wants to revenge him for killing Daniel. Crowley come to see him, while Adina torture Hannah. He come and get her grace to him. He wants him to fix Dean, because Dean like this makes him trouble.

Sam found that Dean is missing from room. He is looking for him, Sam shutdown the power so it lock down the place.

Dean tell him that as he less demon, he can escape the demon’s trap. Sam finally can lock him in the room, but he break out.

Sam get Dean but he can’t kill him, Castiel come on time and cache him again. After sam inject the other blood to him, Dean seem back to himself. for real ?

Castiel warn Sam about Mark of Cain, Sam said he knows but he’s tried let think about it later.