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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 12 Dominoes

At Christmas eve, Paige visit them with their presents. She wants Ralph to have a christmas with them. She give each of them the present, she asks what she should get for Walter. Walter is with his sister on the beach, she is going to have a treatment. But she doesn’t like much, because it has side effect. While Walter there, he found that the cliff is fall down like dominoes  and bury a child. He trap in the sink hole, Walter ask help from fire department, army.

They can’t get him out, can’t drill, they worry that the cliff may have more slide. Walter try to reach a boy with communication first. He could reach him, he’s panic and want to see parent.

They get his parent online, he talked for a while. Toby notice that he has injure his lung, so he can’t dive. The team try to dig and pull him out, but the boy tell them that his leg is stuck with the rock.

They have to find another way, they can’t cut his leg too because sink hole will fell. Walter think that they should remove the boulder instead of move the boy.

They go to get the device that can lift the rock with certain amount of power, they drill the hole through the rock. Walter can’t find the Sylvester to give him the stat, he decided to go in the cave.

He give the boy device that he can live without breath, he tell him not to breath. The boy is so scare, he don’t sure he can do it. Walter tell him that he trust him to do, now the water fill the sink hole the boy is under water.

Now they are waiting for boy signal, he ‘s alive. Happy is making device to lift the rock. While they are in the cave, the rock is slide down. it’s going to collapse and on the machine, Sylvester come to help them lift the rock, they could move the machine.

But the rock fall on the tube, the boy is dying, Walter wants to get in again. But everyone is stop him, Tony run back with the device to lift the rock.

Walter go back to the cave again, he use the device and lift the rock from the boy. While he drag out the boy, cave start to collapsing.

Finally Walter get out with the boy, they try to rescue the boy from not breathing. He finally wake up, he’s safe.

Some how the machine put the oxygen in boy blood enough for him to survive another 7 minutes. is it a miracle ?