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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 22 A Land With out Magic

In other world, James try to break the jail. When Queen’s guard come to take him, he get help from huntsman so he can get away.

Dark queen send James to the deeper wood, he found Rumplestiltskin in the wood. He take his mother’s ring. They have a fight, but James is defeat.

Rumplestiltskin tell him only way to leave wood is magic. He give him the potion of true love, he a bit surprise how he can know about it. He wants him to hide it, he said true love can break any curse.

James takes the potion to Melificient’s castle. she turn in to a dragon and try to kill him. He has chance to drop on her, he put the potion insider her body.

Once he return to Rumplestiltskin, he return his ring. He also help him to find Snow. James following the ring until he found Snow. She is lie down in glass coffin, once he kiss her she awake.

He propose her to marry, they plan to take back their kingdom.

Emma take him to hospital, doctor tell her that he has no symptom of the poison. Mayor come to see Henry, Emma attack her.

Mayor tell her that’s for her not for him, it should just put her in sleep. Emma ask her that she has a magic so help him. She said it’s that last. She has no idea what it will do to Henry. Mayor tell Emma that they should go to see Mr. Gold or Rumplestiltskin for help.

David go to see Margaret, he try to talk her stay. but she won’t. Mayor and Emma go to see him ask him for help, but he don’t want give it.

He tell them that he hide it inside her, and they need the sword to take it. Seem Mayor hide her in the basement.

Emma go to ask help from August, but she found him changed to wood. She said that she can’t do it. but he said she can. He all turn to wood.

Mayor take Emma to the building, she open an elevator and going down while she operate. She tell her that she trap her at basement with different form. She won’t listen to her, she is melificient.

Once Emma reach the floor, she meet meilicient in dragon form. She tried to shot it but it won’t work.

Margaret go to read book to Henry, suddenly his heart is drop. Hospital become panic, Jefferson get this chance to sneak in and rescue Belle

Emma could kill melificient with her sword, and she found the potion. David is leaving town. Emma while up on elevator, she found Mr. Gold upstairs, he wants her to give him the potion.

But once he get he’s gone, Emma found Mayor is tied. They rush back to hospital, Henry is dead. Mr. Gold get his potion, Belle is come to see him. She tell him that Regina lock her up.

Emma kiss Henry for last time, he wake up. The curse is broken, now everyone in town remember.

David is come back he call Snow, now they remember each other. She also remember Rumplestiltskin, he tell her he need to do something.

He put the potion in well, the purple fog is coming to town. He is bring back the magic.