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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 21 An Apple Red as Blood

Mayor has a dream that people in town tie her up with her apple tree, and Emma cut her in piece. Henry is in the car with her, he realize the she is leaving now. He tell her that she has to break the curse and help everyone.

Mayor found that her apple tree is dying, she go to ask Mr. Gold about it. He tell her that if she give Henry to Emma, the curse may not broke.

She want to get rid Emma without have curse broken, she said she will give him anything. Mr.Gold said he is not interested.

Emma go back to Margaret’s house, she is so upset that she goes without say anything. Mayor meet Jefferson in her house, she wants him to work for her. She give him a hat, he said that he can’t because not enough power.

She said she might have enough power to have a trip, she wants he to get something that can get rid Emma. In exchange he wants her to make he new start with his daughter.

Henry go to ask help with August, he tell him that if the curse is not break. He will continue to change to wood. But nothing he can do for Emma, she doesn’t want to believe. Now it’s up to Henry.

Mayor show Jefferson the room that he can use magic, she put some magic item in hat. He said it’s not enough but it still get back something small back. She wants to bring back her apple.

In other world, King is killing James. But dark queen come to take him exchange with the gold to the king.

Snow and her friends come to rescue James, Red tell them that he still alive. Dark queen capture James in the prison, tell him she will hurt her than kill her.

They storm the castle, Snow and friend go in the castle. with army of fairy she could pass the army.

Snow found James in the prison, she try to release him. But he’s in the mirror, he tell her that queen takes him to her castle.

Dark queen show up and invite her to her castle for talk, she want to pause war for now. Snow decided to go to see her un-arm.

They meet each other at her stable, they talk about the day they met. She tell her that her Daniel is die because of her. Snow say that she also kill her father, queen give her an apple.

She tell her if she take it she will not kill James. Snow decide to eat it and collapse, the apple fall in to the magical hole.

Once Mayor get it she make the pie from it, in same time Emma come to make a deal with Mayor. She purpose that she will leave the town with condition that she may visit Henry anytime.

She agree, before Emma left. She gives her the pie. Mayor go to see Mr. Gold tell him that her problem is solved, and he will stuck here forever.

Henry go to see Emma, she tell him that she will leave without him. Henry try to tell her that Mayor try to kill her, he notice the pie. he takes it to prove to her, after eat he collapse.

In other world Snow friends found Snow lie dead, queen looks happy to see James and her friend sorry.