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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 20 The Stranger

August help Margaret to install new lock at her house, Emma say that she ask Mr.Gold to build the case so she can have Henry. Margaret stare with stranger look and say that she knows she will be Henry ‘s mother.

Emma meet Henry at Diner, he tell her there is someone add more information in his book. August call Mr. Gold he wants to meet about Emma, now he found his leg turn to wood.

He found his father in Mr. Gold shop, but he can’t say hello to him. He agree to control Emma to direction as Mr. Gold wants.

Emma go to see help from Mr.Gold, but seem he doesn’t want. She is upset and goto see August for a plan to beat Mayor.

David found Mayor’s car is dead. it’s battery is dead. He offer to send her home, she invite her for dinner. But he’s refuse, she trick him to stay. Once dinner done, he ask her how he found him.

August take Emma to see someone can tell them story of him. He takes her to where she left after she born. He tell her that the boy that found her as baby is him.

He takes her to the wood, where he and her come through. She still not believe him, he suddenly collapse.  He tell her he suppose to be there with her, but he won’t.

He show her his leg, but Emma can’t see it. He tell her that she is only their hope, but she can’t accept this kind of burden.

August is very disappoint, he go to see his father. He tell him that he try to keep his promise but too late. He tell him he try to do and fixed it is the most important.

Emma go to see Henry, she wants to take him out of town.

In other world, pinocchio and his father is sailing in the storm. the big fish is coming at them. They need to abandon the ship, he left his father the safesuit. They wash on the shore, he alive but he found pinocchio dead.

Fairy found them and turn pinocchio into a boy, he’s alive. Now they can live happy together. One day fairy come to see Pinocchio’s father, she tell him the dark queen is going to release curse. it’s too late to stop it, she wants him to make wardrobe that can protect him from curse.

Fairy tell him that the magic tree, he should make the wardrobe that can protect 2 people. She tell him the plan that after snow give birth she and her baby go in the wardrobe then can come back and fight the queen.

He disagree he doesn’t want to loose his child, he wants the deal that his son and Snow’s child go there. Fairy has no choice but agree.

While Snow is going to give birth, fairy go to see Pinocchio’s father. She tell him that plan change because Snow is give birth earlier that expected. She need both mother and child to safe otherwise will no hope.

He decided to put his boy there to safe Snow’s child instead. He tell him that he must tell Snow’s child to believe.

After the curse is done, Pinocchio found himself in strange world. He and Snow’s child success go to this world.

He and Emma are in child service center, one day one of his friend invite him to leave with him. He decided to leave Emma there.