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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 9 Rogue Element

Father and son is preparing to take off the boat for their vacation. while they are on sea, their ship explode.

Cabe on the way take Walter to the bakery, he get the emergency message. He turn around and go to a hotel, he go inside and meet someone.

Walter go to see them too, Cabe tell him someone try to kill his ex-wife. Seem she involve with some secret, she found some document that has some security protection. Once she opened it she is tracking down by some uniform and try to get her.

They found that someone kill congressman and make the special election happen, this is what’s the file she accidentally opened.  They think she still has a copy in her office, they going to take it.

Walter go in side her office’s building, he get the drive. But he get surround by security, he lock himself in the room. He success jump out and escape, Cabe is so upset because he risk his life and now he’s on the footage.

Happy go to the port to check the boat, she pass the guard and go to find some evidence. She found prove that the ship is sabotage.

Once they back to their garage, it has been search through. They take their computer, Cabe ask them to move out.

He bring them to his house, there is off the grid. From the list from drive, they found that congressman try to stop company from get water for farms. that’s why he get killed.

Cabe’s ex-wife is kidnap from the house, they get the car and go after them. They finally cache up them on the road. But they get accident, they are escape. They get another car, they cache up them again and stop their car.