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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 7 Father’s Day

Paige get the call from Ralph’s father, Drew. He didn’t see Ralph for 7 years, he’s a baseball player. Cabe come in and ask them to investigate the hitech prison, seem some of prisoner could escape it.

They go inside the prison, 3 of them are missing. One of them Percy is genius hi-tech, with russian criminal. They figure out how they get out, they found the russian men drop them the phone. They use it trigger the door to open and escape.

Look like one of the guy is force to escape, they found the drone land near the prison. Cabe get a call that 2 of escapees hit men and take their car.

Walter found that they might up to something. They found Percy left some clue for them, they response him back in code.

Toby go to get some info from Drew, he tell the team that he’s not OK to go near. Drew come to see Paige, and said he wants to see Ralph. Paige say she will decide.

They found their hide place from clue Percy left, Walter need the drone to get the view of inside. They make mistake and drop the drone inside the house, it spook the russian. They are escape.

Sylvester found that the drone hit Percy’s computer before down, they think the russian ask Percy to make software to transfer money. From there he could track his computer and see what he does.

They found him argue with russian, they figure out that he try to build software to get money from stock exchange, Cabe found that all account is in Percy’s name. Is mean that he use them for whole time.

Walter want to cache him, they try to flush them out the building. They get caught by them, while they want to get rid the in farm. Cabe come.

Paige decided to make Ralph meet Drew.