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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 17 Hat Trick

After escape from cell Margaret running into the wood, Emma and Mr. Gold found that she is missing. Henry think that it’s her trick, but she’s not.

While Emma looking for Margaret, she found Jefferson in the wood, almost hit him. She take him to his house, because he broke his ankle.

In other world, Grace is playing with her father Jefferson in the wood. They see the queen in their house, he hide her in the wood and go to see her.

Queen wants him to work for her as his last job, she wants he to takes her to some place. But he refuse.  At the market she disguise herself as the merchant, she refuse to sell doll to his daughter because he has not enough money.

He’s upset then he decided to works for queen, he ask his daughter to go to neighbor while he works.

He goes to see the queen, he ask her to promise that his daughter will has what she wants. he takes out his hat and spin it. They jump in to the hole of hat.

They appear at the hall with many rooms, they go to in one door.  it’s wonderland, queen want to go to get something from the queen of heart maze.

She know that he can’t leave wonderland without her, they go through the maze. She go to take her box, once she get the red queen solider are after them. But they can escape.

He found out that what’s the red queen takes from her is her father, she revive her father from the box. She tie him and escape with her father.

Now Jefferson is cache by red queen, she cut his head. But he’s alive, they want him to make a hat.

Emma drive him to his big house, he offer her a tea and map. After she drink she pass out. He tied her on the couch, but after wake up. She try to escape, on the way Emma found Margaret is tied up on chair in one room, they try to escape but failed.

Jefferson question her about the curse, he said that after Emma come to town the clock is move. He wants her to make a hat, because she has magic.

Emma can’t make it works, her hat has no magic. He tell her he remember everything, but her daughter is not . so that’s why he wants the hat that can bring his daughter to where she remember.

While they talk, Emma trick Jefferson and hit him down, while she release Margaret. Jefferson attack her again, they fight but finally Margaret kick him off the window.

Somehow he fell into ground and missing. Emma give Margaret the choice, she can either run away or stay with her and fight.

In morning Mayor come to see station, she expected Maragaret to run away but she’s not. She is upset and ask Mr.gold why is not as the plan.

Emma meet Paige at Henry’s school, she remember what Jefferson tell her. She get Henry’s book and see Jefferson in the book, he’s making a lot of hat.