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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 6 True Colors

Team scorpion is get complain for the disaster they did tonight, the government want they to get physic evaluation.

It start from Halloween day, Cabe told them that they need to go to stop thief at the art museum.

While Walter’s there, after he stand at the paint for a while, he start to cut it. he tell them he cut it because it’s fake. FBI come to confirm that is fake.

They said it forge by machine, so that’s why they notice it’s fake. Now they are going to track down the forgery from the machine.

They found this paint is try to take back by origin owner, this time they think they do success.  They think one of their employee must be involve, they found that one guy at toy factory may be involve.

Cabe go there alone, they see a guy jump of building. They try to cut him off, Happy damage the car. But finally Cabe capture him, now they have problem he won’t talk.

Toby go there to get information from him, he accept that he make a copy of paint. but he has no idea what that guy will do.

Now they still get nothing to go on, Cabe ask them to stand by. They found that there is a party that can smuggle the paint out of country. Walter decided that they will go in.

They get the costume, and get in the party. Walter and Paige go in the part as couple, Toby and Happy disguise as waiter. Walter and Paige dancing near the target.

Toby and Happy break in storage room, Toby think must has something in this wine room. Toby thinks there is something behind the shelf, but there is not he break entire rack of wine. They get out and found nothing, but they clone his phone.

They found the curator at museum, make a deal with him. They tell Cabe, they are chasing them. They found that a ship is going leave in an hour, they rush to there. They found the curator and following his car, they cut his engine car.

Cabe come and cuff him, then suddenly his car is explode. Walter just said that may be their fault.

After talk with psychologist, Cabe tell them that they are pass. Cabe ask him is the real paint is destroy ? look like they swap the original and the fake, he return it to the owner.